Amex Plat Retention, Air Rage Fines, Liechtenstein, Private Jets, Worth Paying for Premium Econ & More- The Rehash!


The big story of this past week was of a mistake where United sold flights in business and first class for as low as $51 priced in Danish Kroners. United is not honoring these fares and I highly doubt that they will be forced to do so by the DOT. I sent a friend of mine in Austria the info about the deal and he bought two flights. His complaint has been filed and he’ll let me know how it goes…

I did half of this month’s load amount at Target on my REDcard and it was a bit more annoying than last month. Last month I was able to have my card swiped three times before paying to fund my card but that option no longer works. Now I had to do three different charges to fulfill my daily limit of $2,500. I tried doing two charges to one card which triggered a fraud alert, further delaying the process. Regardless, the REDcard is still the easiest manufactured spend that I’ve ever done.

Otherwise, while we have a bunch of trips already planned for 2015, I’m now considering some options for late June. Since Lucas has yet to visit Latin America, I am hoping to visit a country in Central America when the school year ends!

And now, it’s time to take a look back at some post from this past week in a recap that I like to call The Rehash!

I wonder how many of you would be interested in saving money by flying like this? Chinese airline considers standing room on flights.

Could this really happen in the U.S.? Discrimination at JFK airport due to passport?

While I didn’t think it was likely, I still called and was shot down for an Amex Platinum retention offer.

I totally agree with this one. Flight attendants want air rage fines raised.

Burgers everyday for a year! One of the craziest Groupon deals

Can’t say I ever thought about this before… Which airline had most animal deaths in 2014?

Check out an Awesome Air France video + Win trip to Paris

This was long overdue- Visiting the 6th smallest country in the world…Liechtenstein

Who doesn’t like getting an amenity kit on a flight? Here are the most awesome airline amenity kits.

Talk about getting lucky… CLOSE CALL: Skydivers And A Plane

I wonder how long she’ll actually serve-  Nutty Korean Air VP sentenced to prison

This sounds like an awesome opportunity but I don’t think it’s for me. Become the next Travel Channel Star.

I couldn’t really imagine traveling this way but it would probably be nice! Check out some private jets of the rich & famous.

Is it worth paying for an upgrade? Here are some premium economy seats worth paying for according to Conde Naste Traveler.

And on that note, I hope that everyone has a great week. Make sure to keep checking back for daily new posts here at Michael W Travels!

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