Scorpion Attacks Woman On Alaska Air Flight

flight delays
image: Wikipedia

We’ve heard a lot about flights being delayed due to nuts recently but imagine a flight being delayed because a passenger was attacked by a scorpion…

Sounds pretty scary, right?

According to USA Today, “the plane pulled back from the gate and was taxiing out” when the attack occurred.The woman was stung on her arm while on the Alaska Airlines plane which was about to fly from LA to Portland, Oregon. It had to return to the gate so she could be treated, delaying the flight by around 30 minutes.

So how did the scorpion get on the plane?

The plane was coming from Mexico and most likely caught a ride in one of the passenger’s bags.

Alaska Airline officials said that a flight attendant killed the scorpion and would have an exterminator check the plane once it got to Portland.

Find out more from USA Today here.

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