Can Buzzfeed Guess Which US Region You Are From?

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It’s been a while since I’ve come across a fun Buzzfeed quiz.

In the past some of the quizzes have told us What City You Should Actually Live In, What State You Belong In and What European Country You Belong In.

Buzzfeed’s newest quiz wants to know: Can We Guess Which U.S. Region You’re Actually From?

When talking about visiting countries in Europe with Europeans, a common comparison is American’s visiting states.

Visiting a state definitely doesn’t sound as exotic as visiting a country- even if it is Hawaii (in my opinion). Even though European countries can be extremely close together, they still have their own uniqueness as do the states to a lesser degree.

In the US, different parts of the country might call the same item by a different name, pronounce words differently and have regional styles of cooking…

Buzzfeed wants to guess which region we’re from in a new quiz made up of 7 questions.

Here are a few of the questions along with my result.

buzzfeed quizIt looks like soda to me.

buzzfeed quizDefinitely with family.

buzzfeed quiz

This should’ve been an easy pick but for some ridiculous reason, Buzzfeed decided to not include Shake Shack as an answer….

Wendy’s wasn’t getting my vote, I’ve never tried Fatburger and I do not like Five Guys. This knocked out half the options. The one time I had Whataburger I really liked it, I’ve loved In-N-Out in the past but during my most recent visit while in Vegas for BAcon it wasn’t good. This made my favorite fast food chicken place the winner- Chic-fil-A. (Yes, I know it is not a burger, but it is my favorite of the choices.)

buzzfeed quizA few of these options could be my choice but I picked go exploring outdoors.

My result from this quiz was way off. I got:

buzzfeed quiz

I am definitely not from the South. I’ve been in the Northeast my whole life. As for the details about the South that Buzzfeed mentioned- I hate sweet tea, I do really love Southern cuisine and don’t think that I ever say Y’all!

Click here to take the Buzzfeed quiz. Let us know where you are from and what result you get in the comments below.

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6 thoughts on “Can Buzzfeed Guess Which US Region You Are From?

  1. Brian Cohen- If time permits, I’d love to give it a try on my next trip there!

    Jorge- Funny- I guess all of us from the north don’t like to say Y’all! I retook the quiz and got the West. Not sure what one needs to do get North.

  2. I’m from the Northeast and I also got the South. I have never said ya’ll in my life. I wonder if people from the south are being told they come from the North somewhere. I think being called a northerner would a huge issue for some people down south.

  3. Brian Cohen- Funny that we both got the South! I’m guessing that you might also miss the pizza!

    Girl- Funny! My wife was like if you picked Five Guys then it would’ve probably said East Coast.

    1. Nope — there is a small pizza chain near where I am based which was started by two friends of mine who do not claim that they sell New York style pizza but would rival just about any pizza in Brooklyn.

      I kid you not…

  4. i am from Canada, California, Indiana, Florida, and Texas.

    I got Midwest. I’m not sure what threw it there….

    I’m sure if I picked whataburger I would have received south too. I’m guessing chik-fil-a pushed yours to the south.

  5. The quiz thought this Brooklynite is from the South.

    I may live in the South; but that is not where I am from — and I still miss a good bialy and that New York City tap water…

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