Blue Smoke Being Added To More Delta Flights

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Less than two weeks back I shared some exciting news if you’re a craft beer fan and also happen to fly with Delta. Check out my post Cheers! Delta Adds More In-Flight Craft Beer Options.

Delta has seemed to be ahead of the culinary game so to speak when it comes to U.S. airlines.

They ordered 222,000,000 snacks in 2013 and the awesome T4 opened at JFK offering Shake Shack and other impressive food options.

I just got word that Delta will be offering Blue Smoke as an in-flight option to a bunch of new destinations!

Delta started offering Blue Smoke as a dining options earlier in the year for business passengers flying between NYC’s JFK and London Heathrow airport.

Blue Smoke will now be offered from JFK to Brussels, Frankfurt, Paris, Zurich, Amsterdam and Dublin. That’s a half-dozen new flight options where you’ll have the opportunity to try out their food.

Another good bit of info is that besides Blue Smoke being offered on flights to more destinations, the menu itself is also expanding.

This is definitely an option I’d go for if I happen to find myself in Delta Business Class heading to one of the destination mentioned above.

I only have one question- why isn’t Shake Shake being offered as an in-flight option!

Find out all about Blue Smoke here.

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