Blue Smoke’s In-Flight Delta Menu & My Picks

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Last week I shared some exciting news for Delta business flyers about Blue Smoke being added to a bunch of new European destinations departing from JFK airport.

Here is some info from Blue Smoke:  “Blue Smoke celebrates the evolving American South and honors its culinary traditions. Inspired by the many regions of the South, from the Carolina coast to the hills of central Texas, the food is soulful with a selection of smoked meats, fresh produce, and thoughtfully sourced ingredients. Classic and specialty cocktails, an extensive American craft beer list, American wines and whiskey served by a welcoming team complete the experience.

Along with the new destinations where Blue Smoke will be on offer, so will an expanded list of menu options.

I was curious to find out what kind of choices might be available and was happy to receive a copy of the new menu!

I figured that it would be fun to list the new Blue Smoke menu options along with the selections I’d most likely make if I was flying Delta Business on one of these routes.

Delta flightsHere is the new Blue Smoke menu:

Settling In:

  • Smoked Duck with Grilled Apple Butter & Smoked Pecans (Sounds delicious to me!)


  • Sweet Potato and Roasted Pear Soup
  • Roasted Mushroom and Chicory Salad topped with goat cheese and honey mustard vinaigrette

My Choice: You can get both but I wouldn’t select either option since I am a very picky eater.

Main Course: select one

  • Root Beer Braised Short Rib with garlic and herb smashed fingerling potatoes and honey roasted carrots
  • Baby Back Ribs with baked pit beans and cornbread
  • Smoked Chicken with grilled broccoli and cornbread
  • Root Vegetable Skewers with rosemary maple vinaigrette and warm toasted farro salad

My Choice: Tough call but I think I’d go with the first option.

Sweet Delights:

  • Blue Smoke Sundae Bar with choice of ice cream, sauces and topping: stout or vanilla ice cream, banana toffee or salt and pepper hot fudge sauces, brown butter crumble  or malt fried pecans topping and whipped cream
  • Tasting of Sweet Treats
  • Selection of Fine Cheeses

My Choice: Blue Smoke Sunday with stout ice cream, salt & pepper hot fudge sauce and malt friend pecans and whipped cream.

Your meal can be paired with Blue Smoke’s Signature Cocktail Lynchburg Lemonade.

So what do you think of Delta’s new Blue Smoke menu? Sound tasty? I think it offers some pretty awesome in-flight dining options!

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2 thoughts on “Blue Smoke’s In-Flight Delta Menu & My Picks

  1. Dom- I’m just being honest with my picks! Glad you enjoyed the post though and I’ve done quite a bit of food-related posts. Look around and you will find! 🙂

  2. That was fun. A bit anticlimactic for self professed “picky eater” to be making the choices i.e. “wouldn’t select either”
    You should write more food posts

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