10,000 US Air Miles from Bonus Bump Posted!

Barclaycard US Airways Mastercard
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Late last week I wrote about my poor timing in applying for the Barclaycard US Airways Mastercard.

Just a few weeks back I had gotten approved for the card and made the charge needed to earn my bonus of 40,000 miles. However, last week a better offer of 50,000 miles became available.

I decided to write to Barclay’s and see if they could help me out.

I logged into my Barclaycard account and sent a message through the site and was told that I’d hear back in a few hours. Well a couple of hours later, I was happy to see a response from them that I would be receiving 10,000 additional miles!

Since then I paid my small bill but my 40,000 miles bonus had not posted yet. However, while checking out my accounts on Award Wallet, I refreshed US Airways and noticed that I had 10,000 more miles!

Barclaycard US Airways Mastercard

The post date listed in my account showed 12/5/14, the same day I wrote in to Barclaycard but I didn’t notice the miles in my account until 12/8. Still pretty impressive.

Barclay’s wasted no time posting the difference to my sign up bonus! Now I’m just waiting on the other 40,000 miles that I’m owed!

I have to say that I am definitely impressed with how quickly Barclay’s responded to my request and made good on the bonus match.

10 thoughts on “10,000 US Air Miles from Bonus Bump Posted!

  1. Turned down…I am a first time card holder who received my card on 11/6/14. I did a secure e-mail and they said no and then gave me a big sales pitch on how great the card was. I am only getting 40K.

  2. Anthony- I understand that you just got your bonus but how long ago did you apply for the card? Even though you sent a secure message, I’d still try to call and ask for the additional miles….

    Brandon- I’m just glad that the post was able to help others get some more miles! Hopefully you’re planning to go somewhere fun!

  3. Charles- I’m pretty sure that this is at least my fourth time getting the card. I’d try to call customer service and see what kind of response you get. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

    Keaton- I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking? To earn the bonus you need to make a purchase and pay the annual fee. Once you do those things, your bonus miles should post soon after.

    Anthony- How long ago did you get the card? I’d call customer service and ask for it.

    Brandon- Awesome! Do I get a cut of your bonus since you used my message? 🙂 Sounds like you got a great deal in the end.

    1. I got the bonus this Monday, but like I said I before sent them a message but got denied. BTW this is my first card I ever get with Barclay.

    2. I’d give you a cut just for the awesome tip. I’ve tried this with Chase and BofA with mixed results (approved for Chase, denied by BofA). I still have not received a response either way, but got the points nonetheless. Thanks for sharing this info!

  4. I was in the same situation as you, although this was my second card. I opened the same one a year ago in November 2013. I emailed the exact same message you did verbatim this morning. Not only did the 10k bonus miles post several hours later, but the miles I earned from my spend on the card so far posted as well. Still waiting for the 40k miles to post, but not expecting that until a few more weeks. This card was also the one that receives the bonus 10k miles on the card anniversary.

  5. Lucky you. I also sent a secure message, however, my end result was completely the opposite. I was denied, they told me that bonus are for those who sign up for it. Because I my sign up bonus wasn’t 50000 there was nothing they could do.

  6. What exactly does “after payment of the annual fee” mean. My statement hasn’t closed yet but the annual fee has posted to the account, would the points post after I make a payment even if the statement hasn’t posted.

  7. Michael, was this your first usair Barclay card? I also secure messaged them but was told that wording on the 50k offer limited the miles to first time cardholders.
    I have had the card before. Any plea that you can think of for me to make to get the 10k like you did ? Thanks

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