Update: Korean Air’s Nutty VP Resigns

Korean Air
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Yesterday I wrote about one of the most ridiculous stories related to flying that I’ve ever come across…

Here is the Cliff Notes about what happened. A Korean Air flight about to depart from NYC’s JFK Airport, bound for Seoul was delayed due to macadamia nuts. The nuts were served incorrectly causing a Korean Air VP to get very upset. (Find out more details in my post This Korean Air VP Has Gotta Be NUTS.)

Since I posted there has been a big update to the story. I would’ve liked to have posted some of the details yesterday but I was busy with work and life…

Since yesterday’s post, here are the new developments.

When news of the story originally broke, Korean Air backed the VP (who also happens to be the airline CEO’s oldest daughter) on her decision to delay the flight. The delay was caused when the VP, Heather Cho ordered the head flight attendant off the plane.

So what was the problem that caused Cho to go all nutty?

She was served pre-flight macadamia nuts without being asked. And to make matters worse, they were served in the bag and not placed on a plate. Oh the horror! Could you imagine if this happened to you?

According to Fox News, “The incident caused uproar in South Korea where it was seen as an example of over-mighty behavior by the offspring of the moneyed elite“. 

Due to all of the public outcry, the VP Cho decided to resign.

The airline confirmed the delay due to the nuts but claims that the flight’s captain decided to kick the flight attendant off.

The South Korean government will also be investigating whether Cho violated aviation safety law.

Maybe this was a big misunderstanding and VP Cho was just doing her job? Afterall, she was responsible for cabin service on Korean Air. Protocol for serving macadamia nuts requires flight attendants to ask first class passengers if they want nuts. Part of the reason why is to be careful of people with allergies. They should’ve also been served on a plate.

If the FA didn’t live up to his/ her job in serving nuts to first class, why didn’t Cho wait to reprimand the FA after the flight landed in Seoul? Maybe that would’ve just made a bit more sense and not been such a nutty thing to do.

Find out more in the Fox News article here.

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