Take TripIt’s Traveler Personality Quiz, Win A Prize

travel quizTripIt launched their first ever Traveler Personality Quiz so you can find out if you are a “thrill-seeker, beach bum, or one of the many other travel personalities”.

When I opened up this e-mail it made me wonder what kind of traveler I’d consider myself. I figured their quiz might be a fun way to find out what kind of traveler they’d consider me.

The best part of the quiz is that you won’t just find out what kind of travel personality you have, you’ll also be entered to win one of ten prizes!

The TripIt Traveler Personality Quiz can be taken on Facebook. (I know giveaways offered through Facebook are a turn-off for some of you. Sorry…)

Here are the Prizes:

  • Grand Prize: $100 Amazon Gift Card and 1 Year of TripIt Pro
  • 4 “gifts” of TripIt Pro
  • 5 Swag packs of TripIt Gear

Now for some of the questions:

travel quiz

travel quiz

travel quiz

And my result:

travel quiz

I’m not exactly sure that I’d consider my travels exotic. However, I have been to 3 of the 4 recommended destinations TripIt mentioned with my results.

When it comes to my travels, I like to consider myself something like an open-minded traveler. One that wants to go (just about) everywhere and experience and see as much as possible.

What kind of travel personality do you consider yourself to have?

Find out from TripIt and enter to win one of the prizes here.

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