2 Free Nights + 40,000 Points for $142- My IHG Into the Nights Offer Posted!

IHG Promotions

A couple of weeks back, Kim, Lucas and I headed to Norwalk, Connecticut to spend some time checking out the area. However, the reason we picked the location was not exactly by choice. It was chosen due to my offer for the IHG Into the Nights promotion.

If I completed three out of four tasks from my offers I could earn 2 free bonus nights along with a nice amount of points. This made the offer a no-brainer for me.

It also made staying  at Even Hotels Norwalk for one night a must for me. For staying one night I could earn 36,000 points. Another offer was to complete a survey which was simple. The third offer I hoped would count by being combined with my Even Hotels stay. For 2,000 points I needed to book a Bonus Points with Breakfast package.

IHG Promotions
My offers prior to staying at EVEN

Rather than just stop at the hotel, we made our stay an excuse for a short visit to the area. I was happy to be able to be completing 2 offers at once but our experience got even better. We loved the hotel so much that I would probably consider it to be my favorite now. (I guess this is good since I can’t say that I had a favorite hotel before!) Check out my review of the property, Odds Are You’ll Love IHG’s EVEN Hotels.

After completing the stay, I filled out a survey e-mailed to me and then hoped to see my Into the Nights progress get updated. I checked just about every day and was anxious to see if I earned my points plus 2 free nights from just staying one night at EVEN.

Each day, I was disappointed to see nothing had changed on the site up until late last night.

I logged in and saw an awesome message:

IHG Promotions

This was incredible news (and a bit of a relief)! Combining the two really paid off!

Here is the bonus I’ve earned so far:

IHG Promotions

So far I’ve earned 38,100 points plus the choice of either 19,000 Bonus Points or 2 Free Nights. (I’ll be taking the 2 free nights.)

I could also earn an additional 8,000 points for staying 3 more nights at any IHG property which I don’t think I’ll be doing.

Due to completing my offer, I unlocked additional bonus offers. With this additional offer I can earn another 26,000 points.

IHG PromotionsWe won’t be able to earn the additional bonus since it would be nearly impossible to do one of the required tasks.

Let’s see what I earned and how much $$$ it cost me.

Bonus/ Points Earned:

  • Into the Nights: 38,100 points + 2 free hotel nights (Must be used by 12/31/15)
  • Qualifying Stay: 2,860 points

The Price to Play:

  • Our one night stay cost $142.60 with tax. This is much more than the price we would normally pay but for what we’ll get in return it was well worth it.

Are you participating in the Into the Nights Promotion? If so what are your offers? Did your points post yet?

If you’re not already registered and taking part in the Into the Nights promo, you can sign up to find out your offer here.

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