Quiz: How Many Countries Can You Identify From A Photo

a city with a tower in the background

How well do you think you know countries around the world?

Maybe you know their history, politics, food and culture. But what if you were given just one picture? Do you think you’d do well then?

When I came across a new quiz from Buzzfeed- How Many Countries Can You Identify From Just One Picture, I didn’t think I had much of a chance.

The quiz is made up of 17 photos along with four countries to choose from for each. Some of the countries were a piece of cake to identify while for others I really had no clue.

I’m including some photos from the quiz for you to look over before deciding if you want to give the quiz a shot. (I’d recommend that you do!)

a bridge over water with a city in the background

a group of hot air balloons over a river

a large building with green domes

a statue of a blue god sitting on a platform next to a body of water

I was satisfied with my result considering I could only say that I only knew 4 of the countries from the photos. Otherwise, I took some educated guesses.

Here is how I did:

Not great but at least I did better than 50%.

Find out how many countries you could identify by taking the Buzzfeed quiz here.

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