10 Ways To Make Everyone On Your Flight Hate You

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image: CN Traveler

I’m sure that all of us have encountered our fair share of annoying and unlikable people while flying. Some of them might do things that could make others onboard actually hate them… You know that guy that talks extra loud, maybe forgot to take a shower  before the flight or maybe does other things to just be rude, mean and annoying…

Conde Naste Traveler came up with 10 Ways to Make Everyone on Your Flight Hate You and shared them in a slideshow a couple of weeks back.

The slideshow reminded me of  20 Most Annoying Things People Do On Planes.

Here is a look at what made CN Traveler’s list:

  1. Eat really stinky food
  2. Don’t supervise your children
  3. Join the mile high club
  4. Practice poor hygiene
  5. Be rude to the flight attendant/ overuse the call button
  6. Make “jokes” about terrorism and Ebola.
  7. Snore
  8. Ask everyone to pray with you
  9. Don’t share the aisle
  10. Talk smack about the destination you just left

I found some glaring omissions from CN Traveler. They left off some of what I find to be the most annoying passengers on planes.

They left off:

  • Seat back pullers/ yankers- You know them. They like to make your seat feel like a rocking chair each time they stand up or sit down.
  • Overhead bin thieves & hogs. (Self-explanatory)
  • People rushing to get off the plane. The one’s that try to push ahead rather than wait their turn to get down the narrow aisles.

I guess you can say I’m pretty interested in this topic. Back in April I looked at  15 Most Annoying Travelers In the World.

After getting quite a bit of interest about this topic I decided to run a poll to find out: What Are The Most Annoying Travelers?  You can find out the results here.

What do you find to be the most annoying travelers? Any other suggestions for ways to make everyone hate you on a flight?

Find out about CN Traveler’s 10 Ways To Make Everyone On Your Flight Hate you here.

11 thoughts on “10 Ways To Make Everyone On Your Flight Hate You

  1. Yohan- Interesting take on getting off the plane. I’d simply call it being polite and doing the right thing to let the person infront of you get off first.

    Sam- Why? If the seat wasn’t meant to recline then it wouldn’t…

    Sarah- Great list! I agree with many of them!

    Andrew- Gross. Luckily I’ve never seen that happen!

    Travel Dude- 🙂

    Drew- That is ridiculous. That could’ve been means for a major delay!

    Rene- Not the brightest person! Crazy story.

    AlohaDaveKennedy- I think durians are banned from being eaten during flight! They sure do stink, I’d say similar to a garbage truck when it’s hot out.

    Pat- Was your violation asking to switch seats in first? I don’t see what the bid deal is!

  2. I think I may have possibly committed a violation a few months ago flying from PHL to ORD. My wife and I were upgraded to first class, but the only seats that were available were the two window seats in the first row. The plane had a 2-2 configuration in first, and I asked the aisle passengers if one of them them minded swapping seats so that my wife and I could sit together. Both firmly declined and I immediately gave up, but it was awkward for the rest of the flight.

  3. Someone on my last flight made an Ebola joke! The lady behind me, her kid coughed, and she said in a terrified voice, “Oh, ebola!”… Lady, did you not see the news last week?

  4. Super loud talkers (telling their new seatmates their entire life story); people who stand in the aisles and invade your aisle seat with their butt in the side or your head; really loud headphones (hey, maybe I don’t want to listen to Jay Z right now); stangers who fall asleep on your shoulder; when you have a window seat and your seatmates won’t GET UPwhen you need to use the bathroom (and they expect you to climb OVER them?); & kids kicking your seat the whole flight

  5. I can understand people who are in a rush to get off the plane, some people have places to be or fight connections especially when there’s been a delay. It’s the people who are dilly-dallying, waiting until everyone in front of them have left before they begin to collect their things and get their bags that cause unnecessary delays for everyone else. If you need extra time or aren’t in a hurry, be polite and let others off first.

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