Top 10 Coffee Growing Countries + Free Dunkin’ Coffee

a map of the world made of coffee beansFind out at the end of the post how to get free coffee today, September 29!

When it comes to coffee, I’ve never been too interested. I don’t like the smell or taste and for that matter I don’t really care for hot beverages. However, I do find it interesting how beans are grown all over the world, making for a wide variety of flavors.

I find it fascinating how many options there are at the supermarket and at coffee shops.

Thrillist wanted to find out which countries produce the best beans so they “asked a group of 11 roasters and writers to weigh in”.

Using a points system- #1 picks earn 3 points, #2 gets 2 points and #3 gets 1 point, they “crowned the ultimate coffee-growing country, plus nine honorable mentions”.

The experts decided on a clear winner:

a map of ethiopia surrounded by coffee beansHere is the Top 10 results:

a chart of countries/regions with numbersWhile looking a bit closer at the results, you’ll see that Ethiopia beat out the other countries in a landslide. As a continent, Africa placed 3 countries in the top 10, included first and second place. The America’s also had a very strong showing placing 6 countries on Thrillist’s Top 10.

Do you have a preference towards coffee from a particular country or region? If so, let us know where your favorite beans come from.

Find out about each of the Top 10 coffee growing countries here.


I saw a post from Points, Miles & Martinis earlier in the day that today is National Coffee Day. To celebrate, Dunkin’ Donuts is giving away free hot medium dark roast coffee today- September 29. Find more in the post from PMM here.

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