A Twitter Contest Win from Lufthansa

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image: @Lufthansa_FCT

Over the past few years I’ve heard a lot about Lufthansa’s  Rubber Ducks.

The ducks are only available to those that visit a Lufthansa First Class Lounge or the First Class Terminal. I’ve only been so lucky to fly as fancy as Lufthansa Business Class so a souvenir duck has eluded me so far.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Lufthansa Ducks, they come in a wide variety of designs. Many are seasonal and lots of people collect them. I’ve heard that they can even sell on ebay for $50- $100! Talk about some looney tunes out there!If you’re interested in seeing the wide variety of ducks that Lufthansa gives out, head over to the blog Lufthansa Flyer to see his 1st Class Duck Registry.

I’ve often laughed at how grown men and women go wild over these highly sought after ducks. However, I’ll admit I’d love to get my hands on one to add to my collection of airline junk or maybe even give to my favorite little guy- Lucas!

A couple of summers back, Lucas finally got an airline duck while flying to the Balkans. I’ve also wondered, Lufthansa Ducks- What the Big Deal, especially when you could buy 100 rubber ducks on Amazon for like $40! We’ve also come across a great Game for Duck Lovers while visiting construction theme park Diggerland.

a close up of a person's eyeAs most of you may have realized by now, I like to enter lots of contests since you never know what you might win. I’ve had some really good luck, especially in Twitter contests and chats.

Some Twitter Contests I’ve Won Prizes In:

Every once in a while I notice that the Lufthansa First Class Terminal’s Twitter account (@Lufthansa_FCT) runs a giveaway where one winner will get one of their highly sought after First Class Ducks.

I’ve entered a couple of times without any success.

A few days back I came across another Lufthansa FCT giveaway on Twitter. The question was one that I didn’t know the answer to so I looked it up.

The question was: Where can you find land in the shape of an eye? I also saw a clue give my Lufthansa in the comments: The piece of land we’re talking about is in Africa and is in a dessert…

After a quick search, I came up with Mauritania as my answer.

a close up of a message

I thought nothing more of the contest and even forgot that I entered until I woke up to some fun news yesterday morning.

I had a tweet from Lufthansa First Class Terminal congratulating me!

a screenshot of a social media postI told Kim the great news and she was overly excited (not ) and then I went ahead and sent the information asked for by @Lufthansa_FCT.

I don’t know which Lufthansa Duck I’ve won (hopefully its an interesting and unique one) but I am looking forward to finding out when he arrives at his new home.

Do you collect Lufthansa Ducks, if so let us know how many you have.

Have you ever won a Twitter contest or any other travel- related contest for that matter?

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