DANGEROUS Weekly Finds at Airports

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I’ve always found it interesting to read about the crazy and dangerous items that the TSA finds at the airport. It’s amazing that people really think they will successfully sneak some of these dangerous items though, unless they genuinely forgot that the items were in their bags!

I was looking over the post from the TSA about recent weekly finds called TSA Week In Review. There weren’t really too many items that stood out but there were still a few good ones.

Here are a few items the TSA found:

a close-up of a swordSword found in carry-on bag in San Diego.

a ruler and a cylindrical objectLipstick knife- This could be bad. Imagine a drunk girl packing this lipstick variety and not realizing it wasn’t what it seemed.

And my favorite:

a black bottle with a white labelBear Attack Deterrent because you never know when a bear might surprise attack you at the airport or during a flight.

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