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Knife Found In Enchilada & More: TSA 2014 Year In Review

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During the year I enjoyed reading The TSA Blog, finding out some of the crazy things that they found people trying to sneak through security screenings at airports around the country.

Some of these things were really mind-blowing and I even wrote a bunch of blog posts to share what the TSA had found.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about the TSA’s finds. Since they posted about their 2014 Year In Review, I figured it was time for another, related post. Continue reading Knife Found In Enchilada & More: TSA 2014 Year In Review

DANGEROUS Weekly Finds at Airports

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I’ve always found it interesting to read about the crazy and dangerous items that the TSA finds at the airport. It’s amazing that people really think they will successfully sneak some of these dangerous items though, unless they genuinely forgot that the items were in their bags!

I was looking over the post from the TSA about recent weekly finds called TSA Week In Review. There weren’t really too many items that stood out but there were still a few good ones. Continue reading DANGEROUS Weekly Finds at Airports

See What The TSA Found Now!

a green and blue signThe TSA is hard at work trying to make sure that our airports are safe. They like to share some of the interesting and illegal things that get discovered each week on their blog.

I’m always fascinated by the crazy things people try to sneak past the TSA in their carry-ons. I’d assume that sometimes it is an honest mistake but most times it is probably not. Continue reading See What The TSA Found Now!