Eat Your Big Mac Inside A McDonald’s Plane

a red and white airplane

At home I rarely eat at McDonald’s but while traveling I love to stop in to see what interesting, local items might be on the menu.

Along with being interested in checking out locally inspired items, I also like to visit McDonald’s which tend to be a bit different in terms of their design. I’ve been to one location which has a train attached to it, another in New Zealand had Maori style wood carvings decorating it and there were also a couple of interesting locations in Dallas- one having a jungle/ zoo theme while the other was shaped like a Happy Meal!

I came across an article a couple of days back about a McDonald’s which might just be the coolest one ever and of great interest to aviation geeks!

A McDonald’s in Taupo, New Zealand has converted a Douglas DC-3 airplane into a new section of its restaurant where you can now enjoy your burger and fries.

The plane was one of three used by NZ’s South Pacific Airlines from 1961-1966.

McDonald’s purchased a piece of property next door to the restaurant in 1990 which was a car dealership. “The Aeroplane Car Company bought the disused DC-3 plane, which sat alongside the building. When McDonald’s purchased the site, the plane came with it”, according to the Daily Mail.

a long shot of a planeThe plane has been fixed up, given a new red and silver paint job along with McDonald’s name painted on the side. The interior was also fixed up to include seating for 20 along with matching red and silver details.

The boarding process is simple. You need to enter via a staircase near the tail which can be accessed by going into the restaurant.

The cockpit has been left in its original condition and is visible through a clear plastic door. The door is locked so nothing gets removed by collectors. For those interested in taking photos inside the cockpit, the restaurant is happy to open it up.

The propellers still remain while the engines have been removed from the plane.

So who’s interested in visiting what I think just might be the coolest McDonald’s ever? I know I would love to.

Find out more in the article from the Daily Mail here.

Images in post from HotSpot Media

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