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a model of a plane
image from United video

I don’t claim to be much of an aviation geek and don’t usually care much when it comes to what airplane I’ll be flying on. When booking a flight, my hopes are to find award availability or a good deal to wherever we might be looking to go.

Afterall, it’s about the destination, not the flight if you ask me.

With that said, I still do enjoy reading about different airplanes and learning a little about them. I’ve even been to a bunch of airplane-related museums like:

Airplanes are definitely a fascinating piece of machinery. Just imagine the weight of an airplane and then think about how it is possible that it flies! Pretty crazy, right?

During a trip to Thailand I came across a store which sold model airplanes. They had just about every airline, a big variety of sizes and every kind of airplane.

I decided to buy a small Thai Airways 747-400 model as a souvenir to bring home. If the larger models weren’t so pricey, I may have went with one of those.

a model airplane on a green fieldI was hoping to add some planes but never came across another store like the one we visited in Thailand and ordering the planes online could be very pricey.

This past December I went to a Travel Massive event in NYC sponsored by Singapore Airlines. While chatting with one of the airline representatives I made a comment about how I liked the A380 models. Well what do you know, look what I was lucky enough to get.

a model airplane on a stand

I know it is hard to tell from the photos but the Singapore Airlines model has got to be 5X larger than my Thai airplane.

The final and most recent addition to my collection came during our visit to Atlanta back in June. During the trip we visited the awesome Delta Flight Museum (link to review above).

At the flight museum, the visit ends in (surprise, surprise) the gift shop. They actually had some very nice things at reasonable prices. I was looking at the model planes for sale, not really looking to make a purchase. Then one of the salespeople mentioned a museum exclusive which was not on display.

The exclusive model is a 1:400 scale model of the Boeing 767-200 plane known as The Spirit of Delta. For $10 how could I turn down adding such a neat-looking plane to my miniscule collection!

a model airplane in a box

a model airplane in a plastic bag

I recently came across a plane that I’d love to get which is not for sale. I actually saw it in a video from United. The video is of the origami plane used in the new United safety video.

Check it out and let us know what you think.

I wish that I was talented in the art of origami so I could attempt to make this plane. When I was in around second or third grade I did a project for school on origami. The librarian close to home helped me out making small origami animals for the project. I wonder if she could make this plane!

Check out United’s safety video here.

I almost forgot, I’m starting Lucas at a young age on his airplane collection. Check out a post about Lucas’ Little Airplane Fleet.

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