Best Airlines For Men in 2014

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What is the best airline in the world? According to the World Airline Awards, Cathay Pacific was named World’s Best Airline for 2014.

I think the question is a tough one to answer since it can mean different things to different people. Some might value the food over entertainment, taking off & arriving on time over a friendly flight crew and so on…

I personally don’t think too much about this since the most important thing for me is getting to the destination cheaply and quickly.

Don’t get me wrong, I do value a comfortable seat and good inflight entertainment system (among other comforts) but these details will not make or break my trip.

I came across an article from Men’s Health about The Best Airlines For Men in 2014.

When I saw the title, I was a bit confused. I couldn’t imagine what could possibly make an airline better for men while not also being great for women.

Maybe Hooters Air is back in business?

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When Men’s Health wrote about the best airlines for men, what they meant was best airlines that appeal to different kinds of men.

Here is their list:

  • For the Modern Man: JetBlue– Post photos & tips to their social space, SoFly, JFK’s T5 has free WiFi and lots of food options are in the terminal.
  • For the Laid-Back Guy: Southwest– Due to no change fees and 2 free bags included per flight.
  • For the Stress Ball: Lufthansa– The top rated lounges , they offer relaxation tips & seminars and never worry about a medical emergency on boad thanks to their Doctors on Board program.
  • For the Eager Beaver: SAS– Odds are in your favor that you won’t be late since they’re one of the world’s “most punctual airlines”.
  • For the Entertainment Junkie: American Airlines– Newer planes can have an amazing selection of entertainment options- “250 movies, 180 TV programs, 350 audio selections, 18 radio channels, and 20 games”.
  • For the Penny Pincher: Spirit– Although they charge lots of fees, Airfarewatchdog says that Spirit “still has the lowest fares in the game”.
  • For the Luxe Traveler: Singapore– Tons of entertainment options on a touchscreen monitor, “fine” Asian and international food options, “sought after champagnes” & more.
  • For the Lottery Winner: Emirates– For $30,000 you can fly LA-Dubai, “Book the lavish A380 with onboard lounges for hors d’oeuvre, state-of-the-art suites with shower spas and fine linens, and locally sourced foods and wines”. 

I had a hard time picking what kind of traveler I would be from this list. I’d say that I could be somewhat of a “Laid-Back Guy” (on occassion) and “Entertainment Junkie” (when I can actually stay awake.

What kind of traveler are you?

Find out about all of the Best Airlines for Men HERE.

4 thoughts on “Best Airlines For Men in 2014

  1. It’s a men’s magazine, so that’s why it’s normal things that don’t include women. The list DaninMCI is looking for could probably be found in Maxim… curious if its really been done.

    1. Mark- For sure but I do agree with DaninMCI that all of the reasons stated could appeal to anyone not just men.

      I’ve looked for other lists and didn’t find anything else. This topic would be perfect for Maxim. (Is Maxim still a popular mag?)

  2. Still stupid because you could apply these same qualities to women with the same results. How about if they rate them by the leg room, seat size, appeal of the flight attendants (yes I know that’s sexist but it’s suppose to be for men, right?). Maybe the best selection of guy movies, liquor selections, etc. This could be better. Seems weak.

    1. DaninMCI- I didn’t get what exactly made these things exclusive to men either but I still found it to be a fun topic.

      I like your ideas btw! lol

      I mentioned to Kim (but forgot to add) that if an airline wanted to appeal to men, why not have a sports themed airline?

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