Tasty Souvenirs From Our Trip to K.C.

$348.65 + 71,906 Points= Trip For 3: Air, Hotel & Car Rental

Over the years our trip souvenir shopping has rapidly decreased. These days, our purchases tend to usually be some sort of little toy for Lucas.

On occassion I’ll buy a t-shirt to remember or support a place that I enjoyed visiting or some other small item if it really stands out

During our trip to the Mid-West there wasn’t really anything that caught my eye. Lucas did get a bunch of small toys but for me, the best thing to remember our trip was an edible item.

a group of bottles of sauceAt each of the barbecue restaurants that we visited, they all had their own take on BBQ sauce. A jar of each of the sauces cost somewhere in the $3 price range. Definitely an affordable and worthy item to bring home! However, if you’re traveling with a carry-on I’m sorry to say that you’ll be out of luck in bringing some of these tasty liquids home.

Being that I love sauce on my food, this turned out to be the perfect souvenir to take back with me. I ended up buying sauces at two of the restaurants and planned to go back to a third to grab a bottle of their declicious sauce. Lucky for me, I was able to grab  Gates’ BBQ sauce at Walmart, but at a lower price!

Here are some more photos of the delicious sauces that we brought home:

a bottle of hot sauce

a bottle of hot sauce

a bottle of barbecue sauceHave you ever brought home a tasty souvenir from a trip?

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