A Potential New Must-Have Travel Accessory

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A few months back I wrote about the Newest Card In My Wallet, Nomad’s ChargeCard.

More recently, Nomad released the NomadClip, a carabiner which like the ChargeCard is a portable charging cable. (I look forward to trying one out when it arrives in November.)

While portable charging cables are great to have, they are a bit limited. Portable cables are useful if you are sitting by a computer or have another place to plug-in your device, but what do you do when this is not the case?

Nomad has now introduced what looks like to be a great companion device (and travel accessory) to go along with their high quality cables, NomadPlus.

NomadPlus can turn an Apple wall plug into a portable charger. By attaching it to the Apple wall plug you are adding a 1200mAh battery.

By adding the NomadPlus to your Apple plug, you are creating a device that can charge any smartphone or USB powered device on the go. It can charge your phone up to 70% after it is unplugged from the wall.

Here is how it works:

The NomadPlus looks to be another well thought out product from Nomad.

However, there are a few things that I’ve wondered about the device:

  • How long will it take to get fully charged once plugged into a wall?
  • Why does NP only charge a phone up to 70%? My guess is that it is due to its size.
  • If NomadPlus can charge a smartphone up to 70%, how much it could charge a tablet or other, larger device? It’s safe to say, quite a bit less.

NomadPlus costs $39 and pre-orders are available. The product is expected to ship on November 30.

Find out more and pre-order your NomadPlus here.

(images in post from hellonomad.com)

4 thoughts on “A Potential New Must-Have Travel Accessory

  1. Most cell phones have 2000-2500 MAH of battery power. Thus, the 1200 MAH charger can not fill the batteyry completely. You can get a rough idea by dividing the MAH of an external charger by the MAH of your phone’s battery.

  2. This is useless, the only thing going for it, is that it is tiny. I use justmobile portable battery thing. I can charge my phone more than once. It would require you charging it with a usb port or a wall plug with a USB port.

    1. Jay- I hear where you are coming from. I think NomadPlus looks appealing due to the size and as a companion to Nomad’s other plugs. I wouldn’t call it useless, its value is charing a phone 70% ! 🙂

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