Margot’s Pizza: An Awesome Pizzeria Within A Pizzeria, Bklyn, NY

a pizza with meat and peppers on a plate
The Love Supreme

It’s no secret that I love (possibly obsess over) pizza.

Being that I live in Brooklyn, NY there is no shortage of great pizzerias close by. Within a 15 minutes drive of where we live, Kim and I can visit 3 great places- the original Totonno’s, L & B Spumoni Gardens and what’s considered to be one of the best in the country- DiFara.

Over the years pizza has been a part of our travels and I’ve written a few pizza-related posts.

All areas of interest seem to have their experts. When it comes to pizza, especially around the NYC area, two people come to mind- Scott Wiener of Scott’s Pizza Tours and Adam Kuban, the founder of pizza blog Slice.

When I heard that Adam Kuban was going from pizza blogger to pizzaiolo, I was curious to try out what he was working on. He’s been practicing the trade at the amazing Paulie Gee’s in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and perfecting his own recipe for his very own pop-up pizzeria, Margot’s Pizza.

When I found out Margot’s Pizza was finally open to the public, I had to give it a try. Kim, Lucas and I headed there last weekend for the opening day.

a small cart outside of a restaurant
Emily- Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

a chalkboard with writing on it

I first found out about Margot’s Pizza on Twitter and quickly signed up for the e-mail list. Margot’s doesn’t have its own permanent location, it’s a “pop-up” in another pizzeria, Emily in Clinton Hill.

On random Saturday afternoons, the owners of Emily are nice enough to allow Adam to run his pizzeria in their space. He is given a short window of time to craft his pizzas so getting in is an interesting process.

If you’d like to try out a pie at Margot’s you’ll have to join the e-mail list. An e-mail will be sent (a week or so in our case) in advance of the date. No walk-ins are allowed. You’ll have to go online and purchase a ticket with a specified time for when your pizza will be ready.

The cost to get a spot is $25 for a pie (you get to pick from four choices) and either a choice of salad or beverage. Definitely not cheap but understandable for this kind of special event.

a man making pizza in a kitchen
Adam Kuban

The pies at Margot’s are bar pies which are super thin and crispy and very popular in a variety of places on the east coast. I’m not expert in bar pies, having only tried out Lee’s Tavern in Staten Island and Eddie’s Pizza Truck.

a pizza on a plate

After e-mailing with Adam back and forth a bit, Kim and I placed our orders (in advance). I went for The Love Supreme (photo at top), which is topped with sausage and green pepper. I asked for the red onion to be left off. Kim ordered Funghitown which is topped with a mushroom mix + truffled sottocenere.

a man holding a pizza

The pizzas came out soon after we were seated and looked amazing. I’m not really a big fan of peppers but do love the flavor. The moment I took a bite I was really impressed. The flavor of the pepper along with everything else on the pizza was pretty awesome. The crust was crackery but still foldable which was good. The ingredients seem to be top-notch and I really enjoyed the combination of flavor. This isn’t your ordinary pizza. The only thing I would like to have on the pizza is a more flavorful sauce. The pie seemed a bit light on sauce and asides from a few bites, I felt it was overpowered by everything else. This isn’t to say that the pizza wasn’t excellent, I just happen to really like sauce!

Overall, I’d definitely recommend this pie. If you go, don’t forget to eat your crust. It might just be the best part of the pizza

a woman sitting at a table with a pizza and saladI’m not a mushroom eater but Kim also loved her pie. It was covered in a mushroom mix made from cremini, shiitake & portobello. What makes this pie unique is that you add a cold cheese called truffled sottocere cheese to the top. I tried a couple of slivers of the sottocenere and it was really good.

If you’re in the NYC area or going to be visiting soon, I’d recommend trying to get over to Margot’s Pizza when they pop-up again!

Find out more about Margot’s Pizza and sign up for their e-mail list HERE.

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  1. I’m glad you picked up on the crust and mentioned it. I’d like to think we do something pretty special with it! But I’m biased, of course. 😉 Thanks for the kind words. Next time you come in, we’ll have to go heavy on the sauce for you!

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