Confirmed: Citi Exec AA 100,000 Mile Offer Still Working

There were reports starting yesterday that the amazing Citi American Airlines Executive card 100,000 mile bonus offer would be ending today. I first heard the news from Miles to Memories.

I’ve mentioned this awesome offer on a couple of occasions when Kim had an interesting 100,000 miles credit card approval conversation and in my Almost Mid-Year Update.

Coincidently, this past Tuesday my father-in-law was asking me how he could get a quick chunk of miles again to plan for a new trip. I mentioned applying for the AA Executive card again. He applied, called-in and was approved within 15 minutes!

After his approval I started thinking about applying for either a third Citi Exec card for myself or a second card for Kim. Since I’ve completed the required spend on my new Ink card and Kim is pretty much done with the spend on her Citi Exec card, I figured it was time to apply for another card with Citi.

Once I came across the news of a possible end to the Citi Exec 100K bonus, I figured it was best not to wait. I planned to apply that evening. However, I got busy after work- going for a run, picking up Lucas, dinner, bath time and registering for another race (you get the picture), that I totally forgot to apply!

I remembered that I was supposed to apply at around 12:30 AM. I quickly went to the application page and got this message:

Oh well! It looked like I had missed out on the potential chance at another easy 100,000 AAdvantage miles!

Fast forward to around 11:00AM this morning. I pop open Twitter and come across a very interesting tweet from Dan’s Deals.

Wow, it looked like there might just be another shot at getting the mega bonus one more time.

I clicked on the link in the tweet from Dan’s Deals and skimmed over the details which included a direct link to the application page! There was no information listed on the app. page as to what offer I was applying for but I decided to take a chance and go for it. What the heck, with no risk there is no reward! I figured worse case scenario, if it isn’t the 100K bonus offer I could just close the account if approved.

I filled out the application quickly and got the expected “Your application is pending further review” message. I called a little over an hour later when I had a break from work to find out what the deal (no pun intended) was.

I was greeted by a friendly representative and went over the usual pleasantries before being placed on the standard 2-3 minute hold. She then came back on and said it was quite busy today and asked if it was OK if I was placed on hold one more time. Hmmm, I wondered if the tweet from Dan’s Deals had anything to do with this!

She came back on once again and told me that I was approved! After going over my credit limit, I asked her to explain to me how the lounge membership and bonus works.

I was told that after spending $10,000 within 3 months, I will receive 100,000 American Airlines miles!

So now its time to start working on completing the required spend once the card arrives.

If you’ve been thinking of applying for a Citi AA Executive card (or getting a 2nd or 3rd card etc.), I wouldn’t wait. Who knows how long the direct link will continue to work.

Click on the link above to Dan’s Deals if you’d like to apply for the card.

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