Seven of the World’s Riskiest Roads

A couple of months back I wrote a post about the 10 Worst Places To Drive In the World (according to the Huffington Post).

After quite a few comments, I decided to run a poll and find out what your thoughts were on the topic. Mumbai, India was the ovewhelming winner, taking 35% of the votes.

I just came across another article, this time from BBC Travel which is related to the topic of suspect driving around the world.

BBC Travel wrote about Seven of the World’s Riskiest Roads.

Here is the list:

  • National Road 5- Madagascar: Road has sections of sand, solid rock and worn down bridges (that you must inspect before crossing). The road takes around 24 hours to drive and is 200 km long.
  • Rohtang Pass- India: In the eastern Himalayas, this road needs to be dug out each year. Snow can make it impassable, it left 300 tourists stranded in 2010.
  • Transfagarasan Road- Romania90km of hairpin turns and dramatic descents, you’ll be switching gears ever 3-4 seconds. Plus nobody is around to enforce the speed limit.
  • Eyre Highway- Australia: Located in southern Australia, wildlife like kangaroos, emus and camels running onto the road can seriously damage a car.
  • Prithvi Highway- Nepal: 174 km long, it passes Annapurna, the 10th tallest peak in the world. Dramatic views come at a potentially high cost. “In addition to beautiful views of the Himalayas, you will see vehicles that have ended up in the river chasms.
  • Kolyma Highway- Siberia: The only main road in eastern Siberia, it’s known as the world’s coldest road. It can also be one of the most desolate and frozen.

When it comes to dangerous roads, our trip overland through Namibia comes to mind. We were on a group tour. Most of the roads were dirt and rocks. It was painful breathing in the fumes as we drove for days throughout the country. The scenery was amazing and well worth it and we were lucky to spot some animals along the way.

What is the most dangrous road that you’ve driven on?

Find out more about each of the roads listed above in the BBC article here.

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