TSA Finds Sharp Throwing Star At Dallas-Love Field

A little over a week back I wrote about a dangerous items that the TSA found at the airport in Boston.

The TSA found another interesting item at the airport. The item was once again shared by the @TSABlogTeam on Twitter.

When I read what the item was, it brought back memories from when I was around 10 years old.

Back then, karate and kung fu movies (and  video games) were very popular. Being a fan of martial arts, I needed to have my very own Throwing (“Chinese”) Stars. Probably not the best toy for a young kid but then again it’s not like I was throwing them at people!

TSA at Dallas Love Field (DAL) found this throwing star shown above.

When I read the title about fantasy throwing stars  being uncovered, I expected to find a small star with blunt edges. Boy was I wrong.

The star above has some seriously large blades and they also look very sharp. I can’t imagine why anyone would need to travel with it!

Talk about a crazy find. Good job TSA!

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