Ridiculous Street Signs #19- Dog Fouling Is Not Permitted- Malta

a sign with a dog on it

I’m not sure what it is but lots of funny and odd signs tend to have poop as the subject matter.

During our first day on Malta we spent our time wandering around the capital Valletta, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Since we arrived in the middle of the day we figured it would be best to just head into the city with no real plans besides strolling around and getting a feel for the area.

After walking around some of the steep,  hilly streets we ended up close to the water where we had some spectacular views. We decided to keep walking along this route to see what else was around.

About 15 minutes later we came across a sign while crossing the street. I had a good laugh as I asked Lucas if he knew what was in the picture.

At the top of the sign was a dog doing his business within the no symbol. You’d think that this would be explanation enough and no description would be needed. However the sign did have some text letting us know about the message.

The text was written in both Maltese and English:

Dog fouling is not permitted. Anyone caught littering will be fined.

a sign on a poleDog fouling! I don’t know what it is but the term just makes me laugh (and we’ve had an encounter with this in the past on a sign in Macau). Some might find this to be typical sign wordage around the world, I however always chuckle when I see it.

This sign was on a bunch of polls as we walked for a few minutes and the best was that one poll was shared with another sign for The Malta Experience!

If I hadn’t seen the other signs, I may have thought that being fined for dog fouling was the Malta experience!

OK maybe not…

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