Most Annoying Traveler Poll: The Results

A couple of weeks back I wrote a post based on a Thrillist article about the 15 Most Annoying Travelers In The World. In the post I shared what I felt were two of the most annoying kinds of travelers.

After thinking a bit more about the topic and receiving a bunch of comments, I decided to run a poll. I was curious to find out what you felt were the most annoying travelers.

In the poll I included my top two choices as well as some from the Thrillist article and reader suggestions as options to choose from.

My poll ended last night and I wanted to share the results.

While looking over the responses I was happy to see that many of you shared your opinions and also agreed with what I felt were two of the most annoying kinds of tourists.

In a previous post I wrote that two of the most annoying to me are:

  1. Seat Pullers: You’re sitting comfortably in your seat on the plane and the person behind you has to give a big tug on your seat each time they get up or sit down. I don’t know what it is, but this seems to happen to me on just about every flight.
  2. Tour Group Participants: While visiting a busy sight, you want to see whatever it has to offer (or just walk by) but the main event is clogged/ blocked by a huge tour group. To top it off, you have to listen to the tour guide speaking way too loud through a microphone.

How did my picks do? It turns out that Seat Pullers (combined with Row-Walking Tuggers) was the top choice for most annoying traveler. Out of 146 votes this choice got 41 votes which is 28%. It should’ve had one more vote but when I voted in the poll I selected a different option by accident!

My other choice of Tour Group Participants (including tour guides) came in a respectable fourth place out of 10. Tour groups got 9 votes which comes to 13%.

Check out the rest of the results:

Not every answer could be added to the poll so I included “Other” and asked those that chose this answer to comment with their choice.

Here are some of the comments:

  • John- 1) Babies. 2) Babies in first class.
  • Erica- Second most annoying are parents who are traveling with screaming kids but aren’t doing anything to try to calm them but instead are playing on their phones or pretending to sleep in the next seat over.
  • DJ- Tour groups SUCK. ( Japanese tourists were specifically named but it’s not so fair to generalize like that IMO.)
  • Rich A.- The FRENCH and Chinese tourists
  • John- I’m annoyed when a plane lands and a person tries to sneak up 2 or 3 rows to get off faster, it annoys me so much.
  • John (again)- Chinese Tourists are pretty bad too, they are so slow, rude and sometimes very annoying

I debated whether or not to approve comments calling out specific nationalities as most annoying. However, after thinking about how certain negative words are used towards American tourists and accepted, I felt that although it wasn’t so nice but still acceptable.

Let me know what you think of the results for the poll.

2 thoughts on “Most Annoying Traveler Poll: The Results

  1. Sorry, but many travellers HAVE to grab the seat in front. It is physically impossible for many travellers to lean forward enough (because your seat back is so close with the limited seat pitch) to get their center of gravity over their feet. It isn’t rudeness, it is that anatomy and physics don’t mesh with the close seat pitch.

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