Could You & Your Partner Pass U.S. Immigration Marriage Interview?

a flag on a poleHow well do you know your significant other? Enough to pass a U.S. Immigration marriage interview? If you’re not so sure of the answer, Buzzfeed is here to help.

When I saw the title of the post from Buzzfeed, I had to laugh. The post, Could You And Your Partner Pass A U.S. Immigration Marriage Interview lists 46 potential questions that you could might get asked (during the interview).

The article states that your foreign spouse’s green card includes an in-person interview with the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services. The purpose of the interview is to find out if you marriage is real and not one just being done for the green card.

During the interview basic questions as well as some very specific ones (about your significant other) can be asked.

I decided to go over the questions and answer them as best possible.

Here are my results:

a man and woman kissing in the rainAccording to Buzzfeed I know Kim very well! Not such a shocker…

Check out the Buzzfeed article here and find out how well you know your significant other.

4 thoughts on “Could You & Your Partner Pass U.S. Immigration Marriage Interview?

  1. Sean- It defnitely sounds interesting! Glad to hear you passed. The bigger questions is- are you still married! 🙂

    Kazu- That is pretty funny & amazing how influential Facebook can be.

    Nick- I’d agree that having a kid together is enough validation to prove your marriage is real!

  2. We went through the interview as well a few years ago, and we prepared a lot for it. They didn’t ask anything at all related to how well we know each other, though. Perhaps they just look at Facebook and Flickr history these days… (which we did send as part of our “evidence”)

  3. I’ve been through this interview first hand. They asked questions like; what side of the bed does your spouse sleep on? How many bathrooms in your house? How many windows in the bathroom? Where was the last place you ate lunch together?

    Very interesting experience.

    Ps; we passed!

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