Get Comfort & Privacy In Coach With This Ridiculous Product

When flying in coach wouldn’t it be nice to have a little privacy?

I came across a new product that just might be able to help. (Thanks Gogo for posting about this on Facebook a couple of days back.)

The B-Tourist is a product made of elastic fabric which offers a passenger their own private space to quietly eat, read a book, watch a movie and to sleep without being disturbed.

To set up the B-Tourist you need to place the fabric over your seat’s headrest and also over the seat in front of you. Good luck getting this done without hearing some sort of complaint.

If you’re in a middle or aisle seat it will definitely be a pain removing the B-Tourist each time someone wants to get up out of their seat!

The B-Tourist was created by designers Idan Noyberg & Gal Bulka.

Some benefits of the product:

  • Use the adjustment rings to be private or public
  • There are storage pouches built in to keep small valuable safe and within reach
  • Get a more comfortable nap since you’ll have somewhere to rest your head
  • Privacy for dinner & coffee breaks

Check out a couple of more photos:

Would you be interested in using the B-Tourist? I think that I’d feel pretty silly setting it up and then attempting to hide behind it.

Find out more about the B-Tourist in the post on DesignBoom HERE.

image credits: idan noyberg & gal bulka

6 thoughts on “Get Comfort & Privacy In Coach With This Ridiculous Product

  1. I’m not about to allow that to be attached to my head rest for the person behind me and it looks like it covers the monitor behind, just stupid.

  2. Also, it has to degrade visibility of the flight attendants, which believe is also unacceptable.

    If someone covered my monitor, they would be hearing from me. And if someone fell asleep with this thing holding up their head, and trapped me in my seat, I would be waking them up in a pretty brusk way. Maybe I’d just give them a snap! Just (not) kidding.

    I’ve got a strong feeling this would be banned by a lot of the airlines and that would be the end of it.

    But how does this really improve your privacy? Why not just wear blinders if you think that by not seeing people they are suddenly not sitting next to you?

  3. Scott- I don’t know that it would be a big deal attaching it to the headrest besides the issue of cleanliness!

    Alex- Agreed! I doubt most airlines would allow this.

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