What State Do You Belong In? Take the Quiz!

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 12.37.17 AMBack in January I wrote a post related to a Buzzfeed quiz which told you What City You Should Actually Live In. Afer taking the quiz, I was told that I should live in London (FYI: I was born and have lived in Brooklyn, NY my whole life.)

I recently came across another fun Buzzfeed quiz. This time, after answering 12 multiple choice questions you will find out What State You Actually Belong In.

The quiz asks some fun and odd questions to determine where you belong.

Here are my four favorites:

  • Which of these is your favorite fast food chain?
  • Pick a baby. (12 baby photos to choose from)
  • Which animal do you feel you best represent?
  • Which of these negative adjectives best applies to you?

After taking the quiz, I was told that I belonged in a state that I’ve never visited but have long wanted to check out- Oregon.

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 4.29.22 PM

I’m not sure if Oregon is a good or bad thing but I’ll take it! From what I hear, it is a beautiful state with great hiking outdoor activities, food and more. And, from what Buzzfeed has to say about Oregon, I think it’s a positive choice.

Are you interested in finding out what state you belong in? Take the Buzzfeed quiz and let us know (in the comments below) what state you got and where you are from!

5 thoughts on “What State Do You Belong In? Take the Quiz!

  1. I got Wisconsin too, but my time living in the US has been spent almost totally in L.A. and NYC so far. Don’t know how that happened…. I’m a Hong Kong native.

  2. For me its Wisconsin. It said I should be a packer’s fan and I can’t stand GreenBay or any NFL team. BTW I am a native Ohioan.

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