Poll Results In: Is It Worth Upgrading to Economy Plus?

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 3.20.20 AMA little over a week ago I wrote a post asking Is It Worth Upgrading to Economy Plus.

For me the answer is no if I have to pay for the upgrade. I’d gladly take a free upgrade but to pay for a little more space, I just don’t see the value. I would much prefer to use valuable funds to pay for things during the trip.

However, I can see some cases where paying for E+ can be worth it. If you’re on the taller side then upgrading might be well worth it to get extra space and save your knees from the seat in front of you. I could also see some people finding E+ a decent option for very long flights.

I decided to run a poll to see what you felt about the value of upgrading to E+.

There was a decent amount of voters in my first poll and an overwhelming winner taking in half of the votes!

Here are the results: From 86 Total Voters

  1. 43 Votes (50%) It depends on how long the flight is.
  2. 16 Votes (19%) Yes, It’s worth every penny to gain some space.
  3. 12 Votes (14%) It depends on the price.
  4. 9 votes (10%) No, I don’t want to pay any more fees.
  5. 6 Votes (7%) It’s only worth it if you are very tall!

So there you have it, an overwhelming amount of you feel that Economy + is worth it, depending on the length of the flight.

I am just curious, how long does the flight have to be to make E+ worth it!

4 thoughts on “Poll Results In: Is It Worth Upgrading to Economy Plus?

  1. Jake- For $50 it sounds like a decent deal but I’m still not so sure I’d even spend that. Maybe traveling alone, but not when I have to pay for 3 upgrades!

    Zombietraveler- 15+ hours is a long flight in coach and I’m sure at 6 ft he’ll find his flight much more enjoyable. Any idea what the upgrade cost him?

    DaninSTL- I hear where you are coming from. It would be nice if the airlines didn’t cram as many seats as they could into the back!

  2. I’m 6’2″ and it’s worth it for 2+ hours depending on The price. It’s worth every penny on 4+ hour flights. It’s what all seats should be like on all planes minimum.

  3. I usually take it. I’m not particularly tall and I’d rather just have an open seat next to me open but if I can create space in any direction for under $50 on a transcon flight, I will. On shorter (sub 2hrs) flights, I’ll skip it.

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