Lonely Planet’s Best Value Travel Destinations 2014


Many of us playing the miles and points game are always on the lookout for a great deal or other ways to save a bit while traveling.

Kim and I like to head to destinations which are off-season at times. This could lead to incredible value as well as having sites pretty much all to your self.

Many times off-peak does not equal a bad time to go.

A couple of trips that we’ve taken that come to mind are Guatemala in late June/ early July which can be the rainy season and Egypt/ Jordan in mid August which can be a time where it is extremely hot. In both of these cases we had a great time and were lucky to visit sites which were a lot less crowded than their busier times of year to visit.

Lonely Planet has an article with Best Value Travel Destinations for 2014. The list is made up of a good variety of countries, located in regions all around the world.

Here is the list:

  • Greek Islands
  • Italy’s Heel
  • Nicaragua
  • Bulgaria
  • Portugal
  • Fiji
  • Mexico
  • Karnataka, India
  • Palawan, the Philippines
  • Ethiopia

While I haven’t been to any of the destinations on this list, I have been to a couple of the countries. The only place Kim has been to from this group is the Greek Islands.

Some of these places have been countries that we’ve considered visiting. Being that they are a good value makes them even more appealing now.

Where have you been from the Lonely Planet Best Value Destinations list for 2014?

Find out more about each of the destinations HERE.

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