Airbus Is Committed to Comfort

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Airbus has been letting everyone know that they are committed to comfort with their aircrafts having a standard of 18 inch wide seats in long haul economy.

I’ve been following Airbus’ campaign for comfort through Twitter and some of it has been pretty interesting. (Check out a couple of images and videos below.)

Check out this article where Airbus reveals new research into the impact seat width makes to levels of passenger comfort on board long haul economy flights; calling on the aviation industry to set a minimum standard of 18 inches.

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Airbus is flying this flag for passenger comfort at the Dubai Airshow:

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Here are a few Airbus videos posted on Vine:

Comfort in economy seats isn’t just for the holidays:

Passengers demand the 18 inch minimum standard:

Make some room for business travellers:

According to the second video, 41% will pay more for a more comfortable seat. Would you?

Follow @Airbus on Twitter with hashtag #AirbusComfort to find out more about their commitment to comfort..

Photo & Video Credits: Airbus (from Twitter)

5 thoughts on “Airbus Is Committed to Comfort

  1. Bethany- It is a bit uncomfortable to fly coach but what can you do if it is the only affordable option? It stinks that you can’t churn credit cards. We are very lucky to get such amazing offers in the US. While I’ve flown biz a bunch of times and first once, I still usually fly coach so I can stretch my miles to get me to more places.

    askmrlee- Some very good points that you make! The point of this campaign by Airbus is to try to get an 18 in. standard for longhaul economy. In the end, the airline buying the planes has the option of what seat configurations to install.

    1. Yes, exactly…what can one do when you can’t afford to pay to upgrade. We have to be treated like cattle.

      Yeah, stinks indeed. The US etc is spoiled for choice when it comes to cards and bonus sign ups.

      1. A bit of advice would be- just think of the great destination you are heading to while being treated like cattle. If you think this way, only the way home stinks!

        I for one appreciate all of the great options! 🙂

  2. Airbus may be committed, but it’s still up to the carrier to actually install 18″ seats. Example: ANA’s 787 has (for now) has a wonderful 18.6″ width and 8 across seating whereas United’s 787 is only 17.3″ because they cram 9 seats across in economy.

  3. As a economy flyer (most times)…14%, and 11% is not very much. 40% atleast would be a BETTER!
    I find it *funny* that airlines have taken away things such as an extra bag and sometimes even free meals and drinks yet the seats have gotten smaller and smaller…I think alllllllllll long haul economy seats should be like premium seats…who wants to be smushed next to some for 7+ hours flight? Of course if I could afford it…I would gladly go up to biz class for the comfort but unlike most of you in the US, I can’t churn credit cards in this bloody country (Norway)…

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