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If you are unsure where to go on your next trip, KLM wants to help you out!
The KLM Affinity Search is an interactive map which shows the price of destinations all over the world based on your Travel Dates, Departure City and Budget.

I tried out the Affinity Search and thought it was an interesting and fun way to search for a flight. 
For my search, I put in fixed dates, departing from JFK airport. For the budget I selected a maximum price of $1,000. (It would be great if they added the option to search by redeeming miles although I’m sure far less results would come up.)
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The KLM Affinity Search found me 16 fights which were all to Europe using my chosen selections. 
Here are some of the flights the search came up with:
  • Moscow for $703
  • Reykjavic for $737
  • Dublin for $853
  • Zurich for $907
  • Tallinn for $986
  • London for $998 

I already have my flight booked for my trip in August but if I was still looking, I would’ve been willing to consider Dublin or Reykjavic. Both seem to be priced pretty fair for summer travel and are places that I would eventually like to visit.

The Affinity Search is definitely worth checking out but I am not sure that I would rely on it to pick my next trip destination out for me. Would you?

Try out the KLM Affinity Search Here

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