Largest Anti-Government Protest in Post-Soviet Russia

a group of people standing in a crowd

Police showed restraint in the largest anti-government protest post-Soviet Russia has ever seen. Thousands of people took part in the protest against election fraud and a demand for an end to the rule of Victor Putin. 

a man in black with police officers behind him
The protests took place all over Russia. It is estimated that the crowd was between 40,000-100,000 in Moscow, about 7,000 in St.Petersburg and a few hundred to a thousand in around 60 other cities. The police showed restraint and only about 100 arrests were reported.
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I wonder what changes will come from these people’s efforts and if it might have any effect on travel to Russia in the near future…
I read about this online. You can read the full story at
Russia’s stunning protests ends with a hint of change

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