Virgin Australia Opening Airport Lounge for Pets

Good morning from Munich. We’re making our way to Myanmar and just completed our first flight. Next up is a flight to Bangkok before flying an hour or so to Mandalay, the first city we’ll be visiting in Myanmar.

In what I’d assume is a great April Fool’s Day joke, Virgin Australia has announced that they will be opening a dedicated airport lounge for pets! Continue reading

Pardon the Interruption, We’re Heading to Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar Burma

image: Google Maps

With our spring break finally here, (we’re leaving a couple of days early) it’s time to head off on one of our bigger trips of the year. I’d also consider it one of our more ambitious destinations to visit with a toddler.

When selecting where to go this time around we knew wanted  to head back to Asia but had no clear-cut destination in mind. Continue reading

And They’re Back! British Airways Avios Return

British Airways AviosThis past Friday many of us tried logging into our British Airways accounts to find ourselves to be locked out. Upon changing the account password and getting back in, we then found our accounts to be zeroed out!

It turned out that this was done preemptively by BA to protect our accounts. Too bad the airline wasn’t wise enough to notify us when this action took place…

This led me to ask- Hey British Airways, Where Are My Avios? Continue reading

Inaugural Flight Cancelled Due To Water Cannon Salute Gone Wrong

flight cancellations

image: Daily Mail

This has got to go down as one of the most ridiculous reasons for a flight cancellation ever.

A Virgin Atlantic plane known as “Beauty Queen”, a Boeing A330-300 had just made its inaugural flight from Atlanta to Manchester, England. Upon landing it was given what the airline thought was a “water cannon salute” but it wasn’t exactly what it seemed. Continue reading

Missing Avios, Kicked Off Plane Due To T-Shirt, Inflight Proposal, Basketball Player or Uber Driver & More- The Rehash


March has been one of our busiest travel months that I can recall.

Earlier in the month Kim, Lucas and I headed to Charleston, South Carolina. Then we left Lucas home due to an invite to attend a family press trip to Puerto Vallarta. This week, we’ll be heading off on our spring holiday trip to a destination I’ve long wanted to visit. (Trip planning post should be coming soon.)

While on our upcoming trip I’ve heard and read that internet service can be quite slow so I don’t know how much I’ll be posting while we’re away. Continue reading