$800K To Spare? Buy Your Own Town

town for sale

Earlier in the year I wrote about a couple of options to become the owner of your own town! Sounds pretty cool and what’s more impressive than saying you own a town…

There was a European town available at the bargain basement price of $0 although it would certainly cost a small fortune to bring it back to live-in condition. If you are more interested in staying close to home, a town in the U.S. was going for a cool $1.5 million. This one came with a general store along with some other buildings in better shape than the one in Europe. Continue reading

Hotel Travel Hacks

Fitness Center @ Country Inn & Suites Tulsa Central

I love coming across different kinds of “hacks”. Whether they be useful in everyday life or to help with my travel obsession, it’s always great to learn a new trick or two.

I came across an article (with a video) from Yahoo Travel which shares a few hotel travel hacks. Only one of these tips was new to me while the other two I wouldn’t typically think of as a hack. Continue reading

A Bizarre Retention Offer

Turning Down A Citi AA Retention Offer

This is really bizarre…

Last month I thought that I turned down a retention offer on my Citi AA Mastercard and closed my account.

I was told that the $95 balance from the annual fee would be removed and that the account was closed. However, when I checked into my Citi account a few times over the past month, it always showed that I still had a balance. Continue reading