Prison- The New “In” Place To Dine?

There is a hot new place to dine in the U.K. and it’s probably the last place you’d expect people to go for a high end meal.

I’ve heard of various trendy and popular foods that people are willng to wait on long lines for. I’m thinking of more recent items like the incredible Ramen Burger, the Cronut (still haven’t tried a real one) and other things along those lines.

But what about popular or trendy places to dine? Bed restaurants, highly priced tasting menus, pop-up resaurants, dining in the dark,  Medieval Times? (I’m not really serious about the last option.)

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Super Bowl Rentals That Cost Thousands Or Stay In A Tesla

The Super Bowl

$1950 per night on Airbnb

This coming Sunday the Super Bowl will be playing on probably the majority of televisions in America.

Last week I wrote about flights being added + prices rising for the big game.

With so many fans pouring into town, where does everybody stay? There are supposedly not enough hotel rooms to house these people for the week or so leading up to the Super Bowl. Continue reading

Hot Deal: 20% Off Possibly The Best Travel Shorts Ever

clothing arts

Over the summer I wrote a review of what I’d consider to be Possibly the best travel pants ever. The pants are by Clothing Arts and are called P^Cubed.

For those of you not familiar with these pants, P^Cubed are Pick-Pocket Proof Pants. (Find out more about them by reading by review at the link above.)

After writing my review, Clothing Arts were nice enough to offer me a pair of their pants to giveaway on my blog! The winner was very happy with his pants and let me know that he was deciding on what to order next. Continue reading

Top 5 Destinations for 2015 From G Adventures

G AdventuresG Adventures is an adventure travel company offering affordable trips around the world to hundreds of destinations.

Besides offering tours to destinations around the world on their website, G Adventures also has some great travel articles on their site as well as on their blog called the looptail.

We’re not even a full month into 2015 and we’ve already booked most of the flights for this year’s travels. Continue reading

Uber Surge Pricing During NYC Blizzard, Maybe It’s Not So Bad?

Uber Surge Pricing

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has declared a state of emergency for New York City due to the storm which has been picking up during the day.

Along with the announcement that schools are already closed for tomorrow and drivers being advised to stay off of the streets if possible, Uber has a warning for us too. Continue reading

10,000 Mega Points At Select Radisson Hotels

radisson hotel

Club Carlson is probably my favorite hotel brand due to a bunch of reasons. From their diversity of brands, price points, solid customer service and great perks from their credit card, their hotels seem to be the ones we frequent most.

Kim and I (as well as many of you) have found tremendous value and saved lots of money staying at Club Carlson properties. (Again, that amazing credit card offering Bonus Award Nights- book 2+ nights and hour second night is free!)

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Parents In Biz-Kids In Coach, Baby Born On Flight, Man’s Flown 16,000,000 Miles, Cruise Living For $164K, Miss America, Etihad Residence & More- The Rehash


At the end of this week we’ll be leaving on our first trip of the new year so it was about time that I finally finished getting all of the details worked out.

It was also a good week for manufactured spend, something I haven’t done in quite some time. I loaded my Amex Target REDcard a couple of times in the past few days and boy was it a breeze! (I need to thank the people who helped me get a REDcard since it is not available in the NYC area. It’s definitely much appreciated.) Continue reading