Delta Ordered Over 222,000,000… in 2013

DeltaLogoIt always seems to be a fun time when snacks are given out during a flight. Maybe it’s not exactly fun but it is a good way to break up the boredom and have something to do. These days it seems like a big surprise or better yet, a reward when snacks are offered due to how stingy the airlines have become.

The funniest part of receiving  an airline snacks is the fact that it’s probably not even something that you really wanted! Did I really need that tiny bag of pretzels? What happened to the honey roasted flavor that used to come with my peanuts?  Continue reading

Forget Airbnb, Celebrity Homes You Can Rent

Harry Houdini’s Home

Airbnb has opened up a ton of possibilities to us when it comes to places to stay while traveling. Sometimes traditional hotels can be way too pricey, not that exciting or budget options just seem plain bad.

With Airbnb, we’ve found some great places to stay at a very fair price. Check out my post about Our Awesome Experience during our first stay using Airbnb in Singapore. Continue reading

Earn 1,000 Miles with AA Shopping- Limited Time Offer

Looking to earn some extra American Airlines miles? If so, there is currently a limited time offer available to earn 1,000 American Airlines bonus miles through their online shopping portal.

To earn the bonus you need to spend $200 or more at AAdvantage eShopping. With back to school in full swing, this shouldn’t really be hard for many of you to do. Continue reading

Travel News, Deals and Offers

Travel News,Deals,OffersTravel News:

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Smelliest Foods in the World

When it comes to stinky food I used to think that a variety of cheeses were the biggest culprits out there. Then years later I started to hear about durian, a fruit which has a god-awful smell.

During a trip to Thailand we first came face to face with the stinky durian. Often times  we could smell it from a block away due to street vendors cutting open large quantities of the fruit to sell.

While at a floating market outside of Bangkok I dared Kim to give the durian a try. (Being an extremely picky eater, I was not up to the challenge.) Kim stepped up to the plate to take one  (sniff, gag) for the team. Continue reading

Trip Planning: Back to The Balkans

Each year I look forward to our end of summer break when we usually take one of our biggest trips of the year.

Last year we headed to the Balkans. It was the first time for us visiting this region of the world and we enjoyed our trip very much.  We visited 4 countries (although one of them is a disputed territory)- Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania.

After the trip, I knew that I wanted to go back to the area at some point. While considering places to go this year I kept thinking about last summer’s trip. I decided to look into the possibility of seeing 2-3 more of these interesting countries.

When I started to look into some ideas, I was happily surprised to find flights available using my AAdvantage miles to exactly where I wanted to go, although not on the exact dates. Continue reading

Life Hacks That Have Gone Too Far

I’ve come across quite a few articles related to life and travel hacks which I really enjoy checking out. Through these articles I’ve learned some neat, new tricks while also laughing at some ridiculously funny and outrageous ideas.

I guess one person’s life hack might be another’s idea of stupidity or a good laugh!

I’ve shared a bunch of these hack articles here on Michael W Travels,  with the most recent one being about 28 Brilliant Travel Hacks. I came across this article on Buzzfeed. In the article I leaned some great tricks like wrapping shoes in shower caps and putting a dryer sheet in your suitcase to keep things smelling fresh.

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Which Hotel Has the Best Rewards Program?

When it comes to hotel rewards programs and loyalty I can’t say that there are any that I prefer over the rest. I consider myself a free agent. I’ll stay wherever I find a cheap room, whether or not it is a points earning chain.

Thanks to the Club Carlson credit card and it’s stay 2, get 1 free rewards booking offer, this would probably tend to rank highest for me. I’ve also seen some great value booking award nights using my Starwood points. Then you have IHG which can be a real deal if you can get lucky and find a Points Break award night available at a property you actually want to stay at. Continue reading