Be Careful Taking Selfies- Boy Falls 1,640 Feet Off Cliff, Survives


TelegraphPhoto: Molltaler Gletscher/Facebook

We heard about how selfie sticks could be potentially dangerous to works of art and were being banned in museums but who knew that taking a selfie could be potentially life-threatening?

Sometimes taking a selfie is a necessary evil. Maybe no one is around to take a photo for you or you want to take that group shot without bothering anyone else. But is it worth risking your life for? Continue reading

“The Reloaders Are Here”, Another REDcard Experience

Manufactured spending

After writing about a recent experience loading my Target prepaid REDcard, I wondered if loads were being limited to $1,000 per day.

After many people shared their experiences, it seems like this $1,000 load by credit card per day rule is being implemented on a store by store basis.

Since I had to finish loading my card for February, I went back to the same store to see how  things would turn out. Continue reading

Prepaid REDcard Limits?, N.Korea Ban, Squirrels On A Plane, Buy Tix To Cuba, $80K Honeymoon Cancelled-The Rehash


It’s been busy around here this past week with progress being made in planning for a couple of future trips. We’ll also be going on our second trip of 2014 in the middle of this week which I am definitely looking forward to.

How is 2015 going for you so far? Planning any big trips? Flying to that dream destination? Let us know where you’ll go in 2015!

And now it’s time to take a look back at some of the posts from this past week in a recap I liked to call The Rehash! Continue reading

$80,000 Honeymoon Cancelled, Man Sues

Ebola Fear

I couldn’t imagine booking a trip and then canceling it, losing money in the process unless it was an extreme circumstance.

Now imagine someone shelling out over $80,000 for their honeymoon to Africa… Then, due to Ebola fears they decide to cancel even though they’d be visiting countries “more than 3,000 miles from the outbreak in the western part of the continent“.

Does this make any sense? To top it off, the man who booked the trip is now suing the travel agency that booked the trip for him! Continue reading