New Samantha Brown Travel Channel Show Debuts Tonight

It’s been a while since Samantha Brown had a new Travel Channel show. When it comes to the Travel Channel, she is the person that I’d consider to be something like the face of the network.

Now she is back.

Tonight a new show starring Samantha Brown and Chris Grundy debuts called 50/50. The premise of the show is quite interesting and one that I certainly plan to watch. Continue reading

Switched Flights & A Broken Stroller, Thanks American Airlines

american airlines

image: Google Maps

Our recent flight to Grenada was one of the odder ones that we’ve been on in quite some time.

When I originally booked our award flight with AAdvanage miles, the only award availability had us flying from New York’s LaGuardia Airport (LGA) to Philadelphia. We then had a tight connection for our next flight to Miami where we’d have an almost three-hour layover before flying to Grenada.

Here are a couple of odd (interesting) things that happened. Continue reading

American Airlines Giving Away Set of Heritage Amenity Kits

American Airlines

image: American Airlines on Instagram

Back in February I wrote about American Air honoring its past with new amenity kits.

I came across the kits in an issue of AA’s inflight magazine, American Way on a flight home from Orlando.

The kits, called #OurHeritage honor the airline’s past by taking their designs from their nine legacy carriers. I was hoping to get one of these kits but haven’t had any Business or First Class flights with AA since the kits came out. Continue reading

Southwest Now Offering Hamster-Sitting Service

Southwest AirlinesI haven’t flown Southwest Airlines in close to 10 months but one of the main reasons I love the airline is due to their friendly customer service as well as free checked bags policy.

Good customer service goes a long way in leaving a good impression. They even used to give out a really cool perk to kids. (I’m not sure if they still do these days.)

I came across a tweet from the CEO and President of Southwest, Gary Kelly yesterday which made me laugh… Continue reading

Spend Halloween in NYC at the American Museum of Natural History

American Museum of Natural History

As a little kid, I always found it exciting to get dressed up and go trick or treating around the neighborhood. I always got a kick out of ringing strangers’ door bells and scoring lots of treats.

In recent years, we’ve taken Lucas trick or treating a couple of times but I can’t say that it was so exciting. Then again, getting dressed up is half the fun. Check out Lucas as my little burger from a few years back during Purim, another holiday where you get dressed up. Last year we all dressed up as skeletons. After Lucas picked out his costume at the store, Kim got crafty and made us ours.

This year I am really excited for Halloween since we’ll be doing something quite different from what we’ve ever done before. Continue reading

24 Hours in Doha, Qatar

Doha Qatar

Our trip to the Mid- East Gulf States got off to a great start. Now it was time to move on to our next destination, Doha, Qatar.

Qatar would be the third of four countries visited during our trip before making our way back to the UAE to explore more of the country.

Some trip highlights so far include a visit to the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital and spending 24 Hours in Bahrain. (Check for links to other related posts below.)

Our flight from Bahrain to Qatar was at night, getting us into Doha pretty late. This gave us a day to see some of the sites that the country has to offer. While we could’ve used a little more time, we were still happy with the visit. Continue reading

US Says Kuwait Airways Discriminated

Kuwait Airways

image: Aero Shots

In early 2015 I wrote about discrimination at JFK Airport due to a passenger having an Israeli passport.

A quick recap of what happened: a woman with an Israeli passport was flying with her husband who has an American passport. The couple was supposed to fly on Kuwait Airways to London but the airline would not let her fly due to her Israeli passport. In the end, the woman was rebooked by Kuwait Airways on another airline but they wouldn’t do the same for her husband so they had to fly to London separately.

The couple sued Kuwait Airways for discrimination. Continue reading

NYC’s Biggest Pizza Party, Slice Out Hunger Returns October 7

Slice Out Hunger

If you love pizza and will be in NYC area on October 7, you’ll want to keep reading…

Slice Out Hunger, New York City’s biggest pizza party returns for another year to bring us lots of pizza while also doing a lot of good.

Pizza from over 50 pizzerias will be available for just $1 per slice and the best part is that all of the money raised goes to charity! Continue reading