Flight Attendants Ask You To Stop Doing This

It isn’t easy being a flight attendant.

From making sure everyone gets seated in time for take-off, figuring out the puzzle of the overhead bins, meal-service and making sure that we’re safe, there’s definitely a lot of responsibility involved.

While the job of a FA sounds way too stressful to me in some ways, there are some things that we could all do to help make their jobs a bit easier. Continue reading

ACT FAST: $15 OFF When Paying with OpenTable App

OpenTable app

OpenTable is hoping that you’ll end the summer by dining out and they also want you to save.

OpenTable has been spreading the word about its new payment feature. When you make a reservation through the app, you can now pay without waiting for your bill at select restaurants.

Over the past few months, OpenTable has offered essentially free money to dine and pay using the app and now they are offering the chance to save $15 for a limited time. Continue reading

Thomas the Train Theme Park Opens in US

Thomas the Train Theme Park

Last summer we were invited to check out construction theme park Diggerland in West Berlin, NJ. (You can check out my review of the park here.)

It’s been a little over a year since our visit to Diggerland and Lucas still asks to go there all of the time. We were invited to come again to check out what’s new at the park after they celebrated their first anniversary.

While Lucas still loves diggers and other construction machinery, he’s also a fan of trains. Continue reading

Strangest Law In Each US State

US stateIn early 2014 I wrote about 10 Crazy Driving Laws Around the World.

A couple of favorites were: Russia- keep your car clean and Alabama- don’t drive blindfolded!

There are definitely odd laws all around the world that we need to be careful of violating while visiting a new country. For instance, during our recent (and upcoming) visit to the UAE, I need to be extra careful not to curse while texting. Luckily, there isn’t really much for me to worry about since I don’t text while using my phone in foreign counties.

Well what about odd laws at home in the good old USA? Continue reading

Top 10 All-Inclusive Resorts in U.S.

all inclusive resortsI recently wrote a post about Why I Don’t Like All Inclusive Resorts.

The main thing that I don’t like about all- inclusives is that since you’re paying a premium to stay there, you might not be as likely get out and explore the area. Then again, many times the resort is the attraction in the area.

Fodor’s came up with a slideshow of what they consider the 10 Best All- Inclusive Resorts in the US. Continue reading

Reminder: Amex SPG Cardholders- FREE Boingo Membership

Amex SPG

When new perks were added & changes were made to the Amex SPG credit card I wondered if the $30 fee increase was worth it.

Some positive new perks were now added but I wasn’t so sure that they were things I’d actually pay for. The new benefits went live a couple of weeks back and with them came increased 30K signup offers for new members.

Besides the SPG Amex cards no longer having foreign transaction fees, a key addition was the inclusion of free Boingo internet around the world. Continue reading

Top Sites in World, Fuku Chicken- NYC, Rent Ted Turner’s Home, American’s LA to Cuba Charter, All-Inclusives, Robbing Pompeii for iPhone & More- The Rehash!


Currently Kim, Lucas and I are on our trip around some of the Middle East Gulf States.

So far we’ve visited Abu Dhabi (UAE), Bahrain, Qatar and (at the time of writing) are on our way to Oman where we’ll spend around five days seeing the country. The trip’s been going well so far with lots of moving around (and flights). It’s also been extremely hot although it isn’t like we didn’t expect it.

We’ve been very busy so there hasn’t been much doing in terms of miles and points other than the fact that we used lots of them to keep the costs down during this little adventure! Continue reading