5th Most Dangerous Job In America Is…

image AP- Huffington Post

Ever wondered what the most dangerous jobs in American might be? If I had to guess, I’d go with policeman, fireman, construction workers and bike messengers.

I can’t say that I’ve ever really put much thought into this questions but in an article from Yahoo Finance, Killer Jobs? No Really they decided to examine this topic a little bit and one of the jobs that made the list has a lot to do with travel. Continue reading

Do You Suffer From Motion Sickness?

image from Esquire

When it comes to visiting new places and trying out new experiences, few things hold me back. However there is one thing that can and does get in the way for certain things.

I unfortunately suffer from bad cases of seasickness.

The thing about the water is that I really enjoy swimming & snorkeling and have no issues on calm bodies of water like lakes or even rougher ones like rivers with currents. However, put me on a boat where there is potential for big waves- oceans and on the sea and it’s bound to be a recipe for disaster. Continue reading

Titanic to Sail Again In 2016

Image: Thrillist- Wikimedia Commons

I was a bit surprised to come across an article about plans to build an 883 foot “full scale recreation” of the Titanic. The plans were announced in New York at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum.

The reason I am so surprised is because you need to wonder- who would actually want to take a cruise on a ship named and modeled after one that tragically sunk? Continue reading

The Weekly Rehash

After traveling around Romania last week, Kim, Lucas and I spent this past one checking out some cities and towns around Bulgaria. Sadly our trips is coming to an end as we fly back to New York today.

I had planned to try to post about the trip each day like I did during last summers trip to the Balkans, but I made the mistake of not bringing a card reader. I brought a new computer on this trip and I stupidly did not realize that an 11 inch MacBook Air does not have a SD card slot! My bad… Continue reading

Travel News, Deals and Offers

Travel News,Deals,Offers

Travel News:

Continue reading

Quiz: Which Exotic Island Should You Visit?

Island vacations aren’t usually my idea of a destination for a great trip unless we’re talking about places like Australia, New Zealand, Malta and other similar locations.

The examples I gave are places where there are lots to do besides sitting on the beach. When I hear the word island, I tend to think the Caribbean. Not my favorite part of the world to visit although we had a nice time in places like Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados. (We’re actually thinking of using up Kim’s remaining Southwest points for a trip to Jamaica.) Continue reading

10 Best Nighttime Adventures

When traveling, adventures and amazing experiences don’t always have to take place during the day. According to CNN, “just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean you have to turn in too“.

While most of our major travel experiences do take place during the daylight, there are lots of interesting and neat things that we can do at night.

CNN came up with a fun list featuring 10 of the World’s Best Nighttime Adventures. Continue reading

Earn Quadruple AA Miles with Dollar Rent A Car

Dollar Rental car has been running a promotion where you can earn quadruple American Airlines AAdvantage miles.

It’s always nice to earn miles and points when booking services like car rentals, dining out and shopping so this is just a reminder about the Dollar Promo. This can also be a great way to extend the expiration on your account. Continue reading