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Lufthansa Miles and More Sends A Birthday Gift, Kind Of…

Lufthansa Miles and More

Yesterday was my birthday and I wasn’t planning to mention it here at Michael W Travels until I received an interesting e-mail from Lufthansa Miles and More.

The subject of the message was Birthday greetings, best wishes and 1,000 miles for you. Based on that, I assumed Lufthansa Miles and More sent me a gift as a small token for being a member of their program. Continue reading Lufthansa Miles and More Sends A Birthday Gift, Kind Of…

Barclay’s Lufthansa Card Retention Offer

Lufthansa Miles & More Credit Card

Last year I decided to get the Barclays Miles & More Lufthansa card when it was offering a sign up bonus of 50,000 miles.

Considering that I fly with Kim and Lucas on pretty much all of our trips, the 50K bonus wasn’t going to get us far. I kind of thought it wasn’t the best move to get the card in the end, but I’m sure that the miles will go to use for (most likely) a couple of domestic flights.

When the fee came up for the card late last week, I knew that it was going to get closed. However, before doing so I figured that it couldn’t hurt to see if they might have a retention offer for me.  Continue reading Barclay’s Lufthansa Card Retention Offer

Targeted: Earn Up To 2,500 Lufthansa Bonus Miles

a woman standing in a fieldDisclosure: I receive a commission if you apply & get approved for the credit card mentioned at the bottom of the post. Thank you for supporting Michael W Travels.

For the most part, there is rarely anything good that ever comes in the mail. Bills and junk mail are the two most frequent things that we receive!

However, on rare occasion a nice little bonus offer arrives. I always make sure to skim over any airline related junk mail since you never know what they might be offering

This time I received a piece of mail from BarclayCard for my Lufthansa Miles & More credit card with a targeted and limited time offer. Continue reading Targeted: Earn Up To 2,500 Lufthansa Bonus Miles