Lufthansa Miles and More Sends A Birthday Gift, Kind Of…

Lufthansa Miles and More

Yesterday was my birthday and I wasn’t planning to mention it here at Michael W Travels until I received an interesting e-mail from Lufthansa Miles and More.

The subject of the message was Birthday greetings, best wishes and 1,000 miles for you. Based on that, I assumed Lufthansa Miles and More sent me a gift as a small token for being a member of their program.

I skimmed over the e-mail and then saw the details of their gift. It turned out that this gift was more a bonus offer which I’m pretty sure I’d never take them up on…

Here is the small gift that Lufthansa Miles and More sent:

Earn 1,000 bonus award miles, by booking a hotel stay through Miles and More Hotels.

Some Rules:

  • The offer is valid for one-time use by recipients of the e-mail or Miles & More app users.
  • Bookings must be made through the link in the e-mail or through the link shown in the birthdays box of the Miles & More app up to 6 months after receiving the e-mail.
  • Miles will post to your account around 2 weeks after your stay.

Is this offer from Lufthansa Miles and More something that you’d consider a gift? I definitely wouldn’t!

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