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Visit LaGuardia Airport’s Marine Air Terminal During Open House New York

LaGuardia Airport Marine Air Terminal

The 13th annual Open House New York weekend will take place on October 17-18, 2015.

OHNY is a great way to gain access to hundreds of sites around the five boroughs for free which might usually be closed or charge a fee to visit.

You can find out about Open House New York 2015 in a post that I wrote over the summer.

This year, Kim and I are planning to visit a bunch of sites but there is one that really stands out which happens to do with travel. Continue reading Visit LaGuardia Airport’s Marine Air Terminal During Open House New York

You’ll Never Guess What TSA Found In Luggage

tsa security
image: Twitter @TSAmedia_LisaF

While screening luggage, TSA officers come across lots of crazy things.

Most of them are usually weapons like a knife hidden inside of an enchilada, a smartphone case knife and more (check out the links at the bottom of the post.) OK, maybe these kinds of things aren’t typically found during the average  day.

Some of you might recall that a certain furry little friend also likes to fly. We had a squirrel catch a flight from Costa Rica to Houston  recently!

What about this surprise… Continue reading You’ll Never Guess What TSA Found In Luggage

One of the Oddest Carry-On Items I’ve Seen

nutellaLGA2I don’t know what it is with Southwest/ Air Tran but their passengers love to bring odd things to the airport.

Back in December 2012, I wrote about The Oddest Checked Luggage I’ve Ever Seen. I spotted it while checking in for a flight with Southwest out of LaGuardia Airport.

This past weekend, Kim, Lucas and I were flying once again out of LaGuardia. This time our flight was on Air Tran to Atlanta.

Continue reading One of the Oddest Carry-On Items I’ve Seen

2013 LGA Runway Run- POSTPONED

In late June I wrote about the upcoming date for the 2013 LaGuardia (LGA) Airport Runway Run in New York. I’ve been eagerly awaiting the event but after checking many times online, I never saw a race sign up webpage or received a follow-up e-mail regarding when registration would open online.

I received some e-mails from readers asking if I had any further information about the 5K. With the race date fast approacing, I figured something was not right so I decided to call the contact from the date announcement e-mail.

When I called, I reached a voicemail. The message stated that the representative would be out of work until the end of September. With the race scheduled for October 6, I couldn’t imagine that it was still happening.

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2013 LGA Runway Run- Date Announced- October 6 2013

In October I ran a 5K on the runway of LaGuardia Airport (LGA) in New York. It was one of four runway runs (5Ks) that I participated in during 2012.
I also ran at:
I started off 2013 by running in the JFK Runway Run once again. The race was lots of fun and I enjoyed having such great access to the runway, getting to see planes taking off and landing from up close.

LGA 5K Runway Run Recap

Pre-Race Jump

Yesterday I got to run in my third Runway Run at LaGuardia Airport. (Prior to the race, I wrote about it here) Besides from a chilly start to the day, the race was a really great event. It was probably my favorite runway run that I’ve participated in to date!

So far I’ve ran in runway runs at JFK Airport (Read about it here and here) and Teterboro Airport (Read about it here. I still need to write a recap about the race!)
Next up is the Chicago O’Hare Runway Run which should be a fun and fast trip.

A couple of things made the LGA Runway Run stand out:  Continue reading LGA 5K Runway Run Recap