One of the Oddest Carry-On Items I’ve Seen

nutellaLGA2I don’t know what it is with Southwest/ Air Tran but their passengers love to bring odd things to the airport.

Back in December 2012, I wrote about The Oddest Checked Luggage I’ve Ever Seen. I spotted it while checking in for a flight with Southwest out of LaGuardia Airport.

This past weekend, Kim, Lucas and I were flying once again out of LaGuardia. This time our flight was on Air Tran to Atlanta.

While waiting on-line to check our bag, I spotted an odd item sitting by the check-in counter- a massive jar of Nutella! The first thing that came to mind was the recently opened Nutella Bar at Eataly in New York and the extremely long lines to get in.


I wondered why would someone be flying with a really large jar of Nutella? It’s not like Nutella isn’t for sale all over the world.

The owner of the Nutella had a bunch of bags with her- 2 roller bags (being checked) as well as a backpack. I figured that the Nutella would be going into one of the checked bags, but this was not the case. Just before she walked away from the counter, I saw the Nutella being stuffed into her backpack.

As I saw the Nutella being put away I turned to Kim and told her that I doubted the Nutella would make it past security. Years back, I tried to bring home a small jar of a spread from Belgium which got confiscated in the airport. I was told that it was a liquid, which I found ridiculous, but what can you do?

I figured that this would be the fate of this girl’s massive jar of Nutella.

What’s the oddest thing you ever saw being checked in or carried-on to a flight?

10 thoughts on “One of the Oddest Carry-On Items I’ve Seen

  1. My son’s suitcase was too heavy so he took his massive jar of Nutella out and put it in his carry on. They confiscated it at the tsa check point. The DO NOT sell Nutella in Ecuador (or much of any protein items…rice pasta potato starch carb diet there…so he was sad…and always very hungry.

  2. My husband, son and I were traveling on Eastern Airlines back in the 80’s. We checked an entire bedroom set of Danish furniture. Each of us was allowed 3 bags, plus carry on. nine pieces of knocked down furniture was allowed, and each piece weighed in over 50 lbs. Back then the weight limit was 75 pounds. This was a Miami- Nassau flight.

  3. PainCorp- Funny!

    Jon- Good one! It makes you wonder how safe the water was where they were heading!

    Steph- There are many loyal fans. I think it’s kinda blah unless added to a crepe!

    Captain- That is just creepy! 🙂

    Brandon- Talk about ridiculous & rude!

    FFI- We had an issue which included dulce de leche at the airport in Bogota a few years back. I’ll save that story for another time!

  4. When I went to Uruguay, I was given a few bottles of Dulce Leche as a parting gift
    At the security they took one look at it exclaimed that it was an honor that I was carrying it in my carry on and let me through
    I arrived in MIA
    The national Pride of Monteiviedo was almost tossed aside so I went back and checked it in.

  5. All carryon items I have seen are fairly normal, but the size and weight one woman brought aboard my last SWA flight astounded me. If there was a sizer it never would have fit, and the female passenger made no attempt to stow it. She left it blocking the aisle and asked another passenger to put it in the bin. As he struggled to lift it I joined in so the aisle could be cleared. Clearly the woman didn’t get the memo that 2 bags can be checked for free!

  6. The wierdest checked item I’ve seen was on a flight between Jakarta and Surabaya Indonesia a year or so back. There was clearly a tour group on our plane – based on the fact that they were all wearing the same shirt. A bit unusual, but not unheard of. Later, when we were getting our luggage, I noticed on the baggage carousel that all of the tour group people had checked large (2.5 gallons or so) plastic jugs of water.

  7. I’m reminded of an episode of Airport 24/7: Miami where they took a lady’s jar of peanut butter, and she yelled loudly in a thick Asian accent, “I like Peanut Butter, to eat!”

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