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An Airport Animal Encounter

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In mid-January I wrote about a Washington Post article: Don’t Pet the Dogs, Collect the Cards. I’ve been hoping to spot a TSA K-9 handler to ask for a card but hadn’t seen any at the airport up until our most recent arrival at Newark Airport (EWR). We were coming back from our Quick Euro Roadtrip.

After getting our backpacks from the baggage claim, we were getting our things organized when a happy Customs and Border Protection K-9 came wandering by with his handler.

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Wash Post Travel: Don’t Pet the TSA Dogs, Collect the Cards

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As a kid I was really into collecting baseball (and other sports) cards for a few years. I’m not really sure if sports card collecting is popular these days but I recently came across a new kind of collectible card related to travel.

The Washington Post says Don’t Pet the TSA Dogs, Collect the Cards.

Did you know that the TSA produces collectible cards featuring members of their K-9 dog team? The cards are free at participating airports, including Reagan National, Denver, Austin, Chicago O’Hare and Fort Lauderdale.

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