Wash Post Travel: Don’t Pet the TSA Dogs, Collect the Cards

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As a kid I was really into collecting baseball (and other sports) cards for a few years. I’m not really sure if sports card collecting is popular these days but I recently came across a new kind of collectible card related to travel.

The Washington Post says Don’t Pet the TSA Dogs, Collect the Cards.

Did you know that the TSA produces collectible cards featuring members of their K-9 dog team? The cards are free at participating airports, including Reagan National, Denver, Austin, Chicago O’Hare and Fort Lauderdale.

The cards look similar to a sports card and seem to be pretty well done.

The front features a photo of the dog along with his name. The back has a variety of stats like breed, date of birth, weight and school. There is also a photo of the dog’s handler and their name.

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L- Front, R- Back

The back of the card also has a short paragraph of info about the pooch.

Here is what the card above says:

Inspector Bisaillon and Lino provide explosives detection support to Washington Dulles International Airport. Their mission is to find dangerous items that could affect aviation operations. This dynamic duo teams with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.

So who’s interested in collecting TSA K-9 trading cards? I wouldn’t mind getting a few. I think Lucas would love to check them out!

To get a free card, find a TSA K-9 handler wearing a Department of Homeland Security patch or TSA logo at participating airports and ask.

Find out more from the Washington Post article HERE.

Photo Credits: TSA.gov

5 thoughts on “Wash Post Travel: Don’t Pet the TSA Dogs, Collect the Cards

  1. That dog is really cute, and it’s neat that the cards are free. However isn’t this just wasteful? Are taxes being spent producing these cards instead of other more productive things? How weird.

  2. I’d be more interested in playing with Lino. I love any of the high energy pointing breeds. Give me an empty field and a pointer with there favorite toy and I can and will wear the dog out.

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