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The Baksheesh Pays Off- Luxor, Egypt

I was asked by travel clothing company SCOTTEVEST/ SeV to write an article for their weekly Pocket Guide newsletter. I am happy to announce that this post will be featured there!

a stone structure with columns with Ramesseum in the background

After a long day of visiting some amazing sites around Luxor, Kim and I decided to make one last stop before calling it a day.

We walked over to the Ramesseum, a memorial temple of Pharaoh Ramesses II.
Unlike most of the other sites we had visited, there weren’t many other visitors here. We may have passed a couple of others leaving as we entered the site, but that was about it.

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The Last Tarboosh (Fez Hat) Maker in Cairo, Egypt

a group of people posing for a photo
My wife and I with shop owner

One of my favorite souvenirs to buy on a trip is a hat native to the country that I am in. It can be a traditional hat or one popular with locals.

In Egypt, the tarboosh used to be worn by every “effendi” (gentlemen) according to Lonely Planet. It was also worn by the military until 1950. I read in my guide book that there was one shop left in Cairo that makes the tarboosh. The shop is a close walk from the famous Khan Al-Khalili Market & right near Mosque- Madrassa of Al-Ghouri. It is located in the clothes & carpet market at 36 Al-Ghouriyya Street.

I was once offered a Fez hat for my collection but turned it down. All of the hats that I have were purchased or given to me in the countries that they were traditionally worn in.

When I read that Egypt had a Fez hat called a Tarboosh, I had to track down the shop that makes them. I want the real deal, not some touristy version!

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