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Our Upcoming Trip To South Dakota

We’re leaving early Wednesday morning on our second trip (flying) with Lucas. I originally wanted to go to Europe but didn’t feel that it was worth the money or miles for a one week trip.

We decided to visit South Dakota instead.

I usually would not decide to stay in the US and pass up the opportunity to visit another country but this time it made a lot of sense.

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Our Upcoming Trip to Barbados- Thanks Capital One!

While deciding where to go on our first trip in April with our newborn sonĀ Lucas, my wife and I figured it was time to use our Capital One points.
We each earned 110,000 bonus points from the Venture Card with the mileage match offer last year. To qualify for the offer we had to send in a statement from an airline showing that we had 100,000 miles or more in an account. We received the 100,000 mile match plus 10,000 bonus points after spending $1,000 in the first 3 months.