Our Upcoming Trip to Barbados- Thanks Capital One!

While deciding where to go on our first trip in April with our newborn son Lucas, my wife and I figured it was time to use our Capital One points.
We each earned 110,000 bonus points from the Venture Card with the mileage match offer last year. To qualify for the offer we had to send in a statement from an airline showing that we had 100,000 miles or more in an account. We received the 100,000 mile match plus 10,000 bonus points after spending $1,000 in the first 3 months.
Thanks to Capital One we could book a flight wherever we wanted and not have to worry about blackout dates or availability. (When booking our flight and hotel we put the charge on the Capital One Card. We then logged into our account and requested to pay using miles. The points earned from the Venture Card gave us $2281 to spend towards travel)
We decided that our first trip with the baby would be to the Caribbean. The Caribbean is not a place that typically appeals to me but this trip is more about seeing what it’s like to fly with a baby. I figured that I’d consider this trip a test run.
We narrowed our choices down to Saint Lucia and Barbados- with the latter being the winner.
Barbados was chosen mainly due to more convenient flight times and pricing. Even though the flight would be free, I still wanted to stretch the points to pay for as much as possible.
Cost of the trip:
  • Flight- $519.40 x 2=  $1038.80
  • Taxes for Lap Baby= $88.40
  • Hotel- $117.70 x 7=  $823.90
Flights & Hotel came to $1951.10 leaving us with a little under $330 left from Capital One that  can be put towards another trip!

We leave for Barbados on April 4 so keep checking back for upcoming posts!

2 thoughts on “Our Upcoming Trip to Barbados- Thanks Capital One!

  1. Be sure to get some Delish Hot Sauce when you are there!

    ps Can you find my shirt that I left at The Boatyard? ha ha 😉

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