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Teens Lost 3 Days in Paris Catacombs, Rescued

Paris Catacombs
From Michael W Travels visit in 2001

During my second trip to Europe in 2001, I got my first taste of a site that I consider odd.

I was in Paris with a friend and I called home to say hello to my family. My mother had come across an interesting article in an upstate NY newspaper. She told me about a site which had recently reopened in Paris.

Right after the call, I stopped at a Tourist Information Center to inquire about the Paris Catacombs. Continue reading Teens Lost 3 Days in Paris Catacombs, Rescued

11 Hair-Raising Sites Around the World

creepy sites

Happy Halloween to everyone! I hope you have a spooky and fun day.

As a little kid the day was quite special due to the large amounts of candy we’d love to collect while going door to door. (I also enjoyed ringing people’s door bells many times if they weren’t quick to answer their door!)

These days, I can’t say that I care much about Halloween but Lucas is actually excited to dress up this year. Kim made costumes for us, (We bought Lucas’). Mine is actually just a shirt but it’s related to one of the things I am quite interested in when traveling catacombs and bones.

Yes, we’ll all be skeletons for Halloween. How creative! Continue reading 11 Hair-Raising Sites Around the World

4,000 Skeletons at The Capuchin Crypt of Santa Maria della Concezione

During our trip to Italy (a few years back) we spent some of our time in Rome. There are many popular & well-known sites which are on most visitor’s lists of things to see. (Think the Colosseum, Pantheon, Forum, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, the Vatican etc…)
While we did visit all of the sites listed above and more, we also wanted to find something that felt a little more off the beaten path..