11 Hair-Raising Sites Around the World

creepy sites

Happy Halloween to everyone! I hope you have a spooky and fun day.

As a little kid the day was quite special due to the large amounts of candy we’d love to collect while going door to door. (I also enjoyed ringing people’s door bells many times if they weren’t quick to answer their door!)

These days, I can’t say that I care much about Halloween but Lucas is actually excited to dress up this year. Kim made costumes for us, (We bought Lucas’). Mine is actually just a shirt but it’s related to one of the things I am quite interested in when traveling catacombs and bones.

Yes, we’ll all be skeletons for Halloween. How creative!

To commemorate the day, I’ve put together a post featuring my top creepy sites that I’ve visited over the years. Sites I’ll be including will feature all different oddities and lots of bones! (For the sites that I’ve written dedicated posts about, I’ll just be including a photo and a link.)

I hope that you enjoy!

creepy sites
A photo of a photo, Paris 2001

Catacombs of Paris, France:

The first  ghoulish site that I ever visited got me hooked from the moment I stepped inside and started to explore. My friend Joe and I had a blast in this underground ossuary when we visited in 2001.

We randomly found out about the catacombs while in Paris. I bought a calling card and called home to say hi to my family. My mother happened to read an article in a local upstate NY paper about the re-opening of the Catacombs of Paris. I headed to the tourism office on the Champes Elyse, inquired about it and was visiting the catacombs the following afternoon!

I’d love to find more of these photos to scan and write a trip report about it one of these days. (As of now I’ve only come across 4-5 photos from my visit.)

creepy sites
Nice bone chandelier

Sedlec Ossuary– Kutna Hora, Czech Republic:

After my visit to the Catacombs of Paris, I didn’t come across anything similar until Kim and I visited Eastern Europe in 2006. One of the highlights of our visit to Prague was taking a daytrip to Kutna Hora to visit Sedlec Ossuary.

Thousands of bones and skulls decorate the chapel- chandeliers, a family coat of arms, even the artist’s signature all made from bones. There are also large piles of bones behind metal cages in some of the corners.

I’ll be sharing more photos from our visit in the near future!

creepy sites
Dried Head- Mutter Museum

The Mutter Museum: A Museum of Medical Oddities– Philadelphia, PA

creepy sites
Conjoined Twin Fetuses- IMSS

The International Museum of Surgical Sciences– Chicago, IL

creepy sites
The Kunstkamera

A Shocking Collection of Oddities: The Kunstkamera– St Petersburg, Russia

creepy sites
Skull Tower- Nis, Serbia

The Skull Tower (Part of my Balkans Trip Recap to Nis, Serbia

creepy sites
Rome, Italy

4,000 Skeletons at The Capuchin Crypt of Santa Maria della Concezione– Rome

creepy sites
Two-Headed Calf

A Museum of Curiosities in Connecticut (Hartford)

creepy sites

Ossuary at San Bernardino alla Ossa

creepy sites
Catacombs- Lima

Skulls & Bones at the Catacombs in Lima

creepy sites
Eastern State

Visiting Creepy Eastern State Penitentiary– Philadelphia, PA

I’ve visited a few other sites which could definitely be on this list but these to me are the best ones!

I hope that I was able to give you a little scare on this Halloween day!

Do you like to visit creepy sites like those mentioned in this post? If so, please share some of your favorites in the comments below!

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