Play Geoguessr- Find Out How Well You Know The World

BBC Travel created a game called Geoguessr to test your knowledge and find out how well you know the world.

Geoguessr will help you find out how good of a geography expert you might be. First you will be shown an image (from Google) which you can zoom in and scroll around on. Once you think you know where you are, you’ll place a marker on a map at the bottom of the screen. You can also zoom around on the map to get better accuracy. Points will be awarded based on how close you were to the actual location.

When I tried out Geoguessr, I looked around the photo but had no idea as to where I was. The photos didn’t seem to add much of a clue so I just guessed my answers.

A couple of fun, additional features that you can add: set a time limit and send a challenge URL to friends. Whoever clicks the link, gets the same 5 locations to try to figure out and identify.

Take a shot at playing Geoguess here and let us now how well you did!

Geoguessr is nominated for a Webby award in the category of Web: Games. You can vote until April 24 for it here.

2 thoughts on “Play Geoguessr- Find Out How Well You Know The World

  1. Awesome. I love the game on TripAdvisor where you have to place the pin as close a possible to different places. Thanks!

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