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Unique HotelsAirbnb has opened up the world to many new places to stay offering loads of unique options.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to spend a night in an airplane, castle, lighthouse, watchtower, windmill or even a celebrity’s home! One of the most interesting Airbnb stays that I’ve ever read about was a contest where you could win the right to stay at an Ikea showroom in Sydney, Australia.

How about spending a night in a pub?

Currently, there are three pubs available for rent on Airbnb. They are located in the United Kingdom and Ireland with prices ranging from $95 to $555 per night, drinks not included…

Unique HotelsListing #1

An Entire Former Pub in Peckham, Greater London, UK which goes for $555 per night, 2 night minimum.

It dates back to 1860 and looks to be beautifully restored in a modern way. The price is pretty steep but it has room for 8 people in 4 bedrooms, making it a bit more reasonable if you are traveling with friends. There are four double bedroom and two bathrooms, off-street parking and “excellent access to transport links”.

Unique HotelsListing #2

Courtyard Family Room in Bath Pub in Bath, UK priced at $95 per night.

Share a garden with guests of the pub while staying at the en suite room on the ground floor close to the Bath city center. The room can accommodate four people and there are three beds in the room. One of the nice touches is heated floors.

Unique HotelsListing #3

The World’s 1st Self Catering Pub in Aglish, Tipperary, Ireland which can be booked for $117 per night or $645 per week. (Two night minimum)

You’ll need a car to get to the rural location of Conroy’s Old Bar. The bar, which no longer has a liquor license, is “a converted authentic Irish village bar“.  The bar has two bedrooms and can accommodate four people. It also has 1.5 bathrooms and central heating.

Rather than describe Conroy’s Old Bar, here are a few photos:

Unique Hotels Unique Hotels Unique Hotels Unique Hotels

Kim and I actually stayed in a room over a bar a few years back. While Kim was pregnant with Lucas, we decided not to fly so we took a drive around New England for a week or so. For our one night visit to Gloucester, Massachusetts, we stayed at The Crow’s Nest which was featured in the movie “The Perfect Storm“.

Check-in was pretty funny as you have to stop-in to the bar and get your key from the bartender. As for the room, it was clean enough but basic. It was a solid, historical and cheap option for one night. However, when I went to take a shower in the morning, the water would not turn on! Upon check-out, I stopped into the bar and mentioned it to the owner and he ended up refunding me the cost of our stay. Talk about the best non-shower I ever took!

Would you be interested in staying in a pub for a night? I definitely would stay in one of Airbnb’s offerings. While they all seems like solid options, I’d most like to check out Conroy’s. I love how it still maintains the authentic look of an actual bar rather than staying in a room over a bar (so to speak).

Find out more about Airbnb’s “Pub Picks” here.

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