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10 Tasty Fast Foods You Can’t Get In The USA

a group of logos of fast food restaurants

I always try to eat at McDonald’s in each country that I visit. However, I rarely eat in McDonald’s at home. Sometimes it’s nice to eat something familiar while traveling and I like seeing what locally inspired items are on the menu. Asides from the tasty food offerings, McDonald’s almost always has free WiFi which is another great reason to stop by.

USA Today has an article with “10 tasty fast foods you can’t get in the USA”.
The list is pretty interesting with some items being really bizarre.

Here is the list:
  • Macarons- McDonald’s, France
  • Seafood Pizza- Pizza Hut, Japan
  • Rosti Brekkie Wrap- McDonald’s, Australia
  • Breakfast Congee- KFC, China
  • Coffee Jelly Frappuccino- Starbucks, Japan
  • Chili Cheese Nuggets- Burger King, Germany
  • Kebab Pizza- Domino’s, France
  • Curry Beef Donut-  Dunkin’ Donuts, China
  • McSpicey Paneer- McDonald’s, India
  • Chocodilla-Taco Bell, India
The items that interest me the most are the last four on the list. I can’t imagine what a beef donut would taste like but I’d be willing to try it out!

Find out more about each food in the USA Today article here

10 Best Travel Inventions of All Time

USA Today Travel posted a list of the 10 best Travel inventions of all time from

The list has many interesting and useful items on it. I am guessing that most people that travel have used or benefited from most of the item on this list at some point.

Here is the list:

  • Hotel Key Cards
  • Smartphone
  • Credit Cards
  • Travel Adapters & Converters
  • Digital Camera
  • Travel Insurance
  • Online Travel Booking
  • GPS
  • Wheeled Luggage
  • Jet Engine

My favorite items from the list have to be credit cards, digital cameras and the smartphone.

Without credit cards, I would’ve never traveled to as many places as I’ve been! (Thank you credit card sign up bonuses!)
I can’t imagine not using a digital camera. I remember using film years back and having to wait for the results of the photos. It was fun hoping you got some good shots but who doesn’t like instant gratification! Plus if you get a bad shot, keep shooting until the picture seems right. The smartphone is like the swiss army knife of technology. You can do so much with such a small device. I can list so many reasons why it is great for travel- check your e-mail, take pictures, make cheap phone calls with Skype, book flights & hotels…

What is your favorite invention from the list?

Read the full article with details about each item here