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An Incredible Breakfast: Pancake Pantry- Nashville

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During our trip to Nashville we read about a place for breakfast that we had to try.
The Pancake Pantry sounded pretty amazing due to offering 23 varieties of pancakes. A couple of the options are pretty typical but the bulk of the options are really interesting and somewhat odd. All I know is that once we looked over the menu, it was not easy to make a decision on what to order. Oh the problems we face at times…
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We made two attempts to eat at the Pancake Pantry and ended up eating there on day 4 of our trip. We drove by the previous morning but didn’t bother to wait due to the ridiculously long line.
However, we were determined to eat there so we arrived a bit earlier the following day and still waited on line about a half hour.

The wait didn’t end up being too bad since everyone on line seemed to be in a good mood and patiently waited to get inside. We spoke to various group of locals and the consensus was that the pancakes were well worth the wait.

a menu of a pancake pantry

Besides pancakes, the menu was full of all of the regular breakfast items like eggs, waffles, french toast and hash browns. Many of these items sounded great but I couldn’t go to a place called Pancake Pantry and not order pancakes!

We looked over the menu for a while and had some hard decisions to make. A few options caught our attention. We both usually like chocolate chip pancakes but at the Pancake Pantry we both had to go with options that were a bit more unique.

To help with our decision we decided to check out what Adam Richman had while visiting P.P. for his show Man vs. Food. It just so happened that the pancakes Kim planned to order were one of the varieties that Adam had during his visit.

So what did we order?

a plate of food with sauce and condiments
Santa Fe Cornmeal Pancakes

I went with the Santa Fe Cornmeal Pancakes aka the Village Smithy. The order of pancakes are made up of three stone-ground cornmeal pancakes with chunks of bacon, cheddar cheese and roasted green chilies cooked inside. It’s served with hot maple syrup, hot picante salsa and sour cream.

The pancakes were really odd but also really good. The dish seemed like a great Tex-Mex creation subbing out a taco shell or tortilla with pancakes. All of the flavors seemed to work really well together. The pancakes and syrup were sweet, while the chilies and salsa added just a bit of heat. I’d definitely recommend this dish to anyone planning a visit to Nashville.

a plate of pancakes with icing sugar and whipped cream

Kim decided to order the Sweet Potato Pancakes. They are made with real sweet potatoes in a fluffy batter, sprinkled with powdered sugar and cinnamon. Cinnamon cream syrup and butter was also added.

Once Kim tasted her pancakes she knew that she made the right choice. She loved the pancakes due to the fluffy texture and the sweet (but not overly sweet) flavor. A favorite part of the dish was the cinnamon cream syrup which added a lot of flavor.

I’d definitely recommend a visit to Pancake Pantry if you plan to visit Nashville. Just remember to show up early and expect a bit of a wait.

Find out more about Pancake Pantry by visiting their website here.

Review- Shake Shack at Delta T4- JFK Airport

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L-Michael W. R- Danny Meyer, founder of Shake Shack

Last month I had the opportunity to attend the opening of Delta’s Terminal 4 at JFK airport.
Check out a couple of posts about my visit:

There was a lot of anticipation and excitement for the opening of T4. The thing I was most excited for was the great food options the terminal would offer, especially Shake Shack.
I wrote a post about this prior to the new terminal opening which was also featured on the Boarding Area blog Delta Points.

a group of people in a terminal
T4 Shake Shack

When I arrived at T4, I had a couple of objectives in mind. As long as the lines weren’t long, I had to eat at Shake Shack and check out the new Sky Club/ Sky Deck.

There will be two Shake Shack locations at T4 but it turned out that only one was open in time for the terminal’s opening. The second location should be opening very soon. Continue reading Review- Shake Shack at Delta T4- JFK Airport

SCOTTEVEST Father’s Day Sale- 30% Off Select Items

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A few weeks ago I wrote a review about a great product: the ScotteVest Fleece 5.0 Jacket. (Check it out HERE)
The jacket has many features that can help make traveling easier for you. The fleece has 24 pockets (it can even hold an iPad), has built in wire management for your headphones and can be worn as a jacket or vest.
ScotteVest is running a Father’s Day Sale offering 30% off 13 of their products. 
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The Fleece 5.0 is one of the products being offered during the sale. It regularly sells for $140, which in my opinion is a fair price and on par with comparable jackets. However getting it on sale for $98 is a really great deal! I’d definitely recommend this as a gift for Dad (or for yourself).
The other items on sale are a good mix of the ScotteVest product line. There are jackets, vests, shirts, pants and shorts being offered at 30% off.

Sale ends before 12:01 AM ET on June 11, 2012.
Check out the ScotteVest items on sale for Father’s Day HERE